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2013-03-30 10:40:16 Jessie

This means that quality is more an act of prevention than it is detection. Quality is a development issue, not a testing issue.

2013-03-30 10:42:34 Jessie

Testing must be an unavoidable aspect of development, and the marriage of development and testing is where quality is achieved.

2013-03-30 10:52:05 Jessie

specifically,engineering roles that enable developers to do testing efficientyl and effectively have to exist.
At Google, we have created roles in which some engineers are responsible for making other engineers more productive and more quality-minded.

The software engineer in test(SET) is also a developer role, except his focus is on testability and general test infrastructure.SETs review designs and look closely at code quality and risk. They refactor code to make is more testable and write unit testing framewoks and automation. They are a partner in the SWE codebase, but are more concerned with increasing quality and test coverage than adding new features or increasing performance. SETs also spend close to 100 percent o their time writing code, but they do so in service of quality rather than coding features a customer might use.

2013-03-30 10:54:50 Jessie

The test engineer (TE) is related to the SET role, but it has a different focus. It is a role that puts testing on behalf of the user first and developers second. Some Google TEs spend a good deal of their time writing code in the form of automation scripts and code that drives usage scenarios and even mimics the user. They also organize the testing work of SWEs and SETs, interpret test results, and drive test execution, particularyly in the late stages of a project as the push toward release intensifies. TEs are product experts, quality advisers, and analyzers of risk.

2013-03-30 11:05:06 Jessie

Clearly, an SET's primary focus is on the developer. Individual feature quality is the target and enabling developers to easily test the code they write is the primary focus of the SET. User-focused testing is the job of the Google TE. Assuming that the SWEs and SETs performed module- and feature-level testing adequately, the next task is to understand how well this collection of executable code and data works together to satisfy the needs of the user. TEs act as double-checks on the diligence of the developers. Any obvious bugs are an indication that early cycle developer testing was inadequate or sloppy. When such bugs are rare, TEs can turn to the primayr taks of ensuring that software runs common user scenarios, meets performance expectations, is secure, internationalized, accessible, and so on. TEs perform a lot of testing and manage coordination among other TEs, contract testers, crowd sourced testers, dogfooders, beta users, and early adopters. They communicate among all parties the risk inherent in the basic design,feature complexity, and failure avoidance methods.

2013-03-30 11:21:44 Jessie

It is generally accepted that 18 months on a product is enough for a tester and that after that time,he or she can (but doesn't have to) leave without repercussion to another team. One can imagin the downside of losing such expertise, but this is balanced by a company full of generalist testers with a wide variety of product and technology familiarity. Google is a company full of testers who understand client, web, browse, and mobile technologies, and who can progam effectively in multiple languages and on a variety of platforms. And because Google's products and services are more tightly integrated than ever before, testers can move around the company and have relevant expertise no matter where they go.

2013-03-30 11:58:00 Jessie

One of the key ways Google achieves good results with fewer testers than many companies is that we rarely attempt to ship a large set of features at once.

This is what we did with Gmail, a product that kept its beta tag for four yeas.

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