• 书名: 米德尔马契
  • 作者: [英] 乔治·爱略特
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  • 出版社: 人民文学出版社
  • 出版年: 2018-9
  • Chapter 1

    Dorothea Brooke--the elder of the sisters

    Women were expected to have weak opinions; but the great safeguard of society and of domestic life was, that opinions were not acted on. Sane people did what their neighbors did, so that if any lunatics were at large, one might know and avoid them.

    Celia Brooke--being so amiable and innocent-looking

    Sir James Chettam- a suitor

    but an amiable handsome baronet, who said "Exactly" to her remarks even when she expressed uncertainty,-how could he affect her as a lover?

    Mrs Cadwallader

    Reverend Edward Casaubon, about whom Dorothea felt some venerating expectation, a man of proound learning.

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    Mr Casaubon-spare form the pale complexion which became a student

    James Chettam-red-whiskered type

    we must not inquire too curiously into motives. Miss Brooke knows that they are apt to become feeble in the utterance: the aroma is mixed with the grosser air. We must keep the germinating grain away from the light.

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    Miss Brooke argued from words and dispositions not less unhesitatingly than other young ladies of her age. Signs are small measuarble things, but interpretations are illimitable, and in girls of sweet, ardent nature, every sign is apt to conjure up wonder, hope, belief, vast as a sky, and coloured by a diffused thimbleful o matter in the shape of knowledge.
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    Life isn't cast in a mould - not cut out by rule and line and that sort of thing. I never married myself, and it will be better for you and yours. The fact is, I never loved anyone well enough to put myself into a noose for them. It is a noose, you know. Temper, now. There is temper. And a husband likes to be master.
    In short, woman was a problem which, since Mr Brooke's mind felt blank about it, could be hardly less complicated than the revolutions of an irregular solid.
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    But in this order of experience I am still young, and in looking forward to an unfavorable possibility I cannot but feel that resignation to solitude will be more difficult after the temporary illumination of hope.
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