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在读 Polybius Histories

Polybius Histories
  • 书名: Polybius Histories
  • 作者: Polybius
  • 副标题: Bks.I & II v. 1
  • 页数: 442
  • 出版社: Harvard University Press
  • 出版年: 1979-06
  • 第8页 3:1
    The date from which Ipropose to begin my history is the 140th Olympiad, and the events are the following: (1)in Greece the so‑called Social War, the first waged against the Aetolians by the Achaeans in league with and under the leadership of Philip of Macedon, the son of Demetrius and father of Perseus, (2)in Asia the war for Coele-Syria between Antiochus and Ptolemy Philopator,
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    Philip of Macedon, the son of Demetrius and father of Perseus 腓力五世

    Antiochus(III),Ptolemy(V) Philopator

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  • 第14页 5:1
    and took place in the 129th Olympiad
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  • 第16页 I,6:1,2
    It was, therefore, the nineteenth year after the battle of Aegospotami and the sixteenth before that of Leuctra, the year in which the Spartans ratified the peace known as that of Antalcidas with the King of Persia, 2that in which also Dionysius the Elder, after defeating the Italiot Greeks in the battle at the river Elleporos, was besieging Rhegium, and that in which the Gauls, after taking Rome itself by assault, occupied the whole of that city except the Capitol.
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    埃戈斯波塔米之战(Battle of Aegospotami, 405 BC)

    留克特拉之战(Battle of Leuctra, 371 BC 七月六日)

    波斯王(阿塔薛西斯二世 Artxerxes II)

    安塔赛达斯和平条约(Peace of Antalcidas)

    伊拉波河(Battle of the Elleporus)

    老狄奥尼修斯(Dionysius I of Syracuse)

    围攻利基翁(Siege of Rhegium, 386 BC)


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  • 第22页 I,8:3
    Not many years before the Syracusan army had quarrelled with those in the city. They were then posted near Mergane and appointed two magistrates chosen from their own body, Artemidorus and Hiero, who was subsequently king of Syracuse. He was still quite young but because of his royal descent qualified to be a ruler and statesman of a kind.
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  • 第27页 I,11:2
    The commons, however, worn out as they were by the recent wars and in need of any and every kind of restorative, listened readily to the military commanders,
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  • 第28页 I,11:6
    Acting for themselves they stationed their fleet in the neighbourhood of Cape Pelorias, and with their land forces pressed Messene close in the direction of Sunes.
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    Cape Pelorias,今Punta del Faro

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  • 第33页 I,13:3
    Next follows the war in Libya and next the achievements of the Carthaginians under Hamilcar and after under Hasdrubal.
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    Hasdrubal,即Hasdrubal the Fair

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  • 第35页 I,14:1
    An equally powerful motive with me for paying particular attention to this war is that, to my mind, the truth has not been adequately stated by those historians who are reputed to be the best authorities on it, Philinus and Fabius.
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    Phili'nus of Agrigentum,在第一次布匿战争中和老汉尼拔同行,写下了迦太基视角的第一次布匿战争的过程

    Quintus Fabius "Pictor",约前270-?。元老,历史学家,见证了部分第二次布匿战争,后在希腊著史,但其著作并未流传下来。

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  • 第41页 I,16:1
    When news of the successes of Appius and his legions reached Rome, they elected Manius Otacilius and Manius Valerius Consuls, and dispatched their whole armed force and both commanders to Sicily.
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    Manius Otacilius Crassus 和 Manius Valerius Maximus Corvinus Messalla,前263年执政官

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  • 第45页 I,17:6
    Meanwhile the Roman Consuls who had made the treaty with Hiero had left, and their successors, Lucius Postumius and Quintus Mamilius, had arrived in Sicily with their legions.
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    Lucius Postumius Megellus,Quintus Mamilius Vitulus 前262年执政官

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