Making the Mummies Dance
Sico (步履不停)  评论: Making the Mummies Dance

The Man Who Shook Up the Met A review of Making The Mummies Dance: Inside the Metropolitan Museum of Art "...have you considered the boredom? Seems to me the place is dead. But, Hoving, you'll.........
Seven Days in the Art World
Sico (步履不停)  评论: Seven Days in the Art World

Pry into the Secrets A book review of Seven Days in the Art World As the ancient Chinese proverb puts it:” Dilettante watch the scene of bustle, while adept guard the entrance.” Sometimes the a.........
Living as Form
Sico (步履不停)  评论: Living as Form

Profound Consideration: Implementation of Socially Engaged Art The 2013 Creative Time Summit: Art, Place, and Dislocation in the 21st Century City is a vital platform, which provides an intersecti.........

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