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A Conversation About Happiness
  • 书名: A Conversation About Happiness
  • 作者: Mikey Cuddihy
  • 副标题: The Story of a Lost Childhood
  • 出版年: 2014
  • Chapter 3
    "You'll grow out of it," she used to say.
    Why did I believe her?
    Instead she died, leaving me with my stammer. I feel my face contort as I try to get out a difficult syllable, neck clenched, fists in a ball. I feel people look away or I suffer the humiliation of having them try and guess the word or the ending of a sentence for me. I can never say what I really want to; the right word elude me; they hold a power that I can't articulate, so I resort to writing.
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  • Chapter 12
    By the time I realise I can no longer recall the sound of my mother's voice, it's too late. It's gone. It was the thing that most defined her. Its absence leaves a void in my head.
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  • Chapter 14
    When the dictators are confronted by everyone, including Neil, Ena and all the staff, they concede defeat. The dictatorship is overruled and overthrown. When he is presented with our feelings, Pete is visibly ashamed. You can see it. Everyone wants to speak. There is a lot of anger. Yes, many of us had abused our freedom, but when it was threatened, taken away, we fought to get it back. Pete's so-called lesson is a hard one for all of us, but he has come off worse than anyone.
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  • Chapter 21
    'Here we are at 1968,' begins Neil, 'and the world is a terrible place, full of pitfalls, and people who will misunderstand you.'
    He chews on his pipe.
    'We have quite a few of you older ones leaving this summer. It's going to be very different here without you, when the younger ones return in the autumn..but you've all made your mark in the community in one way or another, and I'm sad to see you go..... To my mind, I would rather a lad chose to be a happy road sweeper than an unhappy professor. That goes for the lassies, too. Whatever your plans are, I hope that you have all gained enough self-knowledge and emotional maturity here at Summerhill to take you through the trials that will surely face you in that big wide world out there.'
    He puffs on his pipe some more.
    'You will come across people who may try to take advantage of you. Remember, they haven't experienced the freedom you have. You've been living amongst friends, amongst people of the same mindsets yourselves. You'll be entering a world where people are repressed, emotionally crippled, and taught to hate. Tread carefully. But I'm confident that if you face the world with honesty and love, you will get the same in return.'
    Everyone gathers around the leavers in a circle to sing 'Auld Lang Syne'. We cry and hug, but I feel excited, looking forward to the life, with its pitfalls and dangers, that awaits me on the outside.
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  • Chapter 28
    She writes back.
    Mein Liebling,
    ... Happiness belongs to the self-sufficient (to quote a famous philosopher), meaning that it comes from within. You won't find it in another. You must look to yourself for that. Remember I used to say to you types, whenever one or other feeling disheartened, 'one swallow does not a summer make,' and you always looked a little non-plussed?(That was from Aristotle too). It means that happiness is not a fleeting, transitory thing, rather it occupies an entire lifetime.
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