The Triumph of the West (3)

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    P47 .... When nineteenth-century Englishmen set about rebuilding the Houses of Parliament after the old Palace of Westminster had been burnt down, they did so in mock-medieval style; they used new ...
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    P38- ... Evidently, a successful civilisation's ideas have enormous power. They impose new symbols, erase old differences, as well as making possible (and encouraging) the formal creation of new in...
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    P13- Yet civilisations have identities... Frequently, one of these is a special way of looking at authority and the cosmos. Civilisations usually express their agreement about such matters in myths...

Oracle Bones (1)

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    At Night You're Not Lonely i asked if she wanted to leave Shenzhen, and she shook her head. In her opinion, the isolation had some good aspects, because it pressured people to make decisions. &quot..;.

How Children Learn at Home (1)

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    How Children Learn at Home Alan Thomas and Harriet Pattison Chapter 2 Towards informal learning and this response from one parent would scandalize most teachers as well as parents of children ...

Teach Your Own (1)

    Even in supposedly “free” or “alternative” schools, too many people still do what conventional schools have always done. They take children out of and away from the great richness and variety of t...
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