A Spy Among Friends (1)

Gentlemen of the Road (1)

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    “In the morning when Zelikman woke she had gone, taking the knowledge of her true name with her. He went to rouse Amram, but his partner had already removed himself from the warm bed of Flower of ...

Galveston (1)

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    其实除了“拯救者”和受害者的人设,还有既充满希望又憋屈的结尾之外,和TD最相似的还是两个时间点的叙事结构。还是做一做笔记,要不以我现在的脑残程度估计半个月以后就忘个一干二净了。 Part 1 p58. "What I ca...

The Ocean at the End of the Lane (1)

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    As we age, we become our parents. Live long enough, and we see faces repeat in time. “So you used to know everything?" She wrinkled her nose. "Everybody did. I told you. It's nothing special, know...

A Gate at the Stairs (1)

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    实习俩月一个字儿也没看,我真棒。 p88 I wondered if she thought it mocekd her. When everything else in her life probably was a source of sorrow, on the other hand, why would she care about the rheto... (2回应)
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