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Lords Of The Harvest
  • 书名: Lords Of The Harvest
  • 作者: Dan Charles
  • 副标题: Biotech, Big Money, And The Future Of Food
  • 页数: 368
  • 出版社: Basic Books
  • 出版年: 2002-12-17
  • 第25页
    It turns out that Monsanto shifted to biotechnology from a chemist company simply because of the public resentment against chemical pesticide abusing such as DDT.
    2013-01-12 13:21:54 回应
  • 第30页
    We are not in the business of the pursuit of knowledge; we are in the business of the pursuit of products. Shall I uphold this opinion?
    2013-01-12 22:54:22 回应
  • 第43页
    If no solitary researcher could be superior than those biotech companies, even though he obviously came up with the idea before them, why do we devote ourselves to this field like playing guerrilla games? This is a hard issue to solve. Maybe we have to accept the fact.
    2013-01-13 14:41:19 回应
  • 第68页
    Is this ending simply a coincidence?
    2013-01-14 09:52:35 回应
  • 第108页
    A new idea about genetic engineering after "participatory technology assessment". Transgenetic technology is neither so promising nor a sinister. It is just an approach for breeding after our new understanding about how plants works.
    2013-01-17 09:09:46 回应
  • 第115页
    Testament to keep in mind. "There are possible temptations against which I must warn you... The temptation to amass wealth for the sake of wealth, the temptation to gain position, political or prosperity. Avoid all this. Keep clean in speech, clear in mind, vigorous in body and God will bless you."
    2013-01-18 00:32:09 回应
  • 第121页
    38 million卖一个基因,还卖亏了...
    2013-01-18 08:09:14 回应
  • 第131页
    If you said the emperor had no clothes, it was because you just didn't have the vision to see the clothes.
    2013-01-18 14:08:34 回应
  • 第178页
    How stupid Monsanto's regulations are!!!!
    It's not a task Ehrhard enjoys. Every time a farmer wants to buy some bags of Roundup Ready soybeans, Ehrhardt has to ask the farmer if he's brought along his Monsanto card, which is how Monsanto keep tracks of its consumers. If the farmer doesn't have one, Ehrhardt has to spend ten minutes explaining the term under which Monsanto licenses its gene to farmers. "A lot of time, I end up with resentful farmers."
    2013-01-21 22:34:27 回应
  • 第190页
    The game set up by Monsanto has a pure strategy Nash equilibrium. Farmers are driven by their greed and would covet the profits.
    2013-01-22 09:59:12 回应
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