Mr. Beck's Underground Map (1)

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    Beck described his conception of the Diagram thus: Looking at the old map of the Underground railways, it occurred to me that it might be possible to tidy it up by straightening the lines, experime...

The Information (1)

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    下等人养殖的 cow, pig, oxen 三个词源自日耳曼语;上等人享用的 beef, pork, mutton 三个词源自法语。

西方哲学史(上卷) (1)

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Why I Am Not a Christian and Other Essays on Religion and Related Subjects (4)

  • The Emotional Factor 一章中 Erewhon Revisited 的故事
    一位名叫希格斯的人到过一个遥远的国度,逗留一段时期以后,乘着气球逃走。二十年以后,他旧地重游,发现这个 国家里新兴一种宗教,以"太阳之子"的名称膜拜他,传说他曾升入天堂。他发现庆祝"升天节&...
  • The Moral Problem
    罗素继续提出基督教最大的 bug 之一:He believed in hell. (everlasting punishment). ---> a vindictive fury against those people who would not listen to His preaching. ---> He is quite bland and ...
  • Defects in Christ's Teaching
    I do not believe that one can grant the superlative wisdom or the superlative goodness of Christ as depicts in the Gospels. I'm not concerned with the historical question, but with Christ as He app...
  • The Character of Christ
    罗素提出的质疑: Was Christ the best and the wisest of men? (“No.”) "I do not know that I could go with Him all the way, but I could go with Him much further than most professing Christian ...

美国大城市的死与生 (1)

  • (一)人行道的用途:安全
    第一部分 1. 人行道的用途与交通循环(Circulation)紧密相关,但不能互相替代。两者皆是城市正常运转机制的基本要素。 2. 人行道只有在与建筑物或附近的其它人行道联系起来时,意义才能表现出来。街道和人..
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