Zeppelin W对《情人词典》的笔记(4)

Zeppelin W
Zeppelin W (书也分纬度)

读过 情人词典

  • 书名: 情人词典
  • 作者: (美)大卫•利维森
  • 页数: 224
  • 出版社: 重庆大学出版社/楚尘文化
  • 出版年: 2012-1
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    aberrant, adj.
    “I don’t normally do this kind of thing,” you said.
    “Neither do I,” I assured you.
    Later it turned out we had both met people online
    and we had both slept with people on fi rst dates before,
    we had both found ourselves falling too fast before. But comforted
    ourselves with what we really meant to say, which
    “I don’t normally feel this good about what I’m doing.”
    Measure the hope of that moment, that feeling.
    Everything else will be measured against it.
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