安之若 素素对《亚瑟王和圆桌骑士》的笔记(21)

  • 书名: 亚瑟王和圆桌骑士
  • 作者: D・K・斯旺/迈克尔・韦斯特/王春秀
  • 页数: 80
  • 出版社: 上海译文出版社 (2000年5月1日)
  • 出版年: 1997-12-1
  • Chapter 6 The Agreement

    “Whatever I get out there in the forest, I will give to you.

    But whatever you get here in my home, you must give to me. Agree?”

    “Of course,” said Sir Gawain, “though I cannot imagine what I could possibly get here that is not already yours.

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  • Chapter 5 The Knight Spirit

    Only his courage and the care of God saved him from certain death.

    All the knights and ladies were afraid for him, but Sir Gawain said,

    “We all have our Destiny(命运), and whatever that Destiny(命运) brings us, we cannot avoid it.

    So I, for one, think it best to go out happily and bravely in search of(寻找) it.”


    Be without fear in the face of your enemies. Be brave and upright that God may thee. Speak the truth even if it leads to your death. Safeguard the helpless. That is your oath. And that so you remember it. Rise a knight!

    强敌当前,无畏不惧! 果敢忠义,无愧上帝!耿正直言,宁死不诳! 保护弱者,无怪天理! 这是你的誓词,牢牢记住!册封为骑士!


    I will be kind to the weak.


    I will be brave and against the strong.


    I will fight the all who do wrong.


    I will fight for those who cannot fight.


    I will help those who call me for help.


    I will harm no white woman.


    I will help my brother knight.


    I will be true to my friends.


    I will be faithful in love.


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  • Chapter 7 城会撩与会聊天


    “Let me decide about that,” she replied.

    “Even if I were the wealthiest and most beautiful woman in the world, I do not think I could ever find such a handsome, high-minded(高尚的), and good-hearted young man as you.”

    ⚜️Sir Gawain真的好会讲话哦😯

    Did you catch anything here in the castle?”

    “I am glad to see that you have been successful,” replied Gawain.

    “I am sure you will be happy to hear that my time here has also not been entirely wasted.

    Here is what I have to give to you.”

    And then Gawain walked over to the Lord and kissed him.

    “That was a good kiss,” said the Lord. “Thank you for giving it to me.

    Still, I would like to know who gave it to you, and what you did to get it.”

    “That was not in our agreement,” said Gawain.

    “I have given you what is yours by rights: you will have to be happy with that.”

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  • Chapter 8 君子骑士、分镜与约定的用意

    🛑有点搞不懂歪果仁的思维,就算没有怎样,flirt 也并没有很对,难道不是吗?竟然不会被blame,不知道自己是古板的国人,还是国人太古板?论这方面de道德水平,君子对自己的要求绝对严于骑士。

    “No, my Lady. If I had here the thing that I value the most on earth, I would give it to you.

    But I am here on a strange errand(使命, 重任), a matter of life and death.

    So I have brought no baggage, and have nothing with me that could be a gift for a woman like you.

    I wish I had more to give you, but I am afraid you must take me as you find me.”



    🛑不得不说他们的agreement 真的很蹊跷

    Well you have certainly done very well out of our agreement so far—let us see what happens tomorrow!” said the Lord.

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  • Chapter 9 总是有诱惑让骑士放弃荣誉


    Then Gawain went to the priest, and confessed all his sins.

    The priest forgave them all, and Gawain joined the ladies and sang happy songs and played games with them.

    All the men said to each other that the worries that Gawain had brought with him had finally been lifted from off his shoulders.


    “God bless the Lord of this place, and the Lady also, who take such good care of strangers!” he prayed.


    “Thank you for your care and kindness,” said Gawain, “but I cannot live without my honor.

    So I will go, and trust to God, who saves his faithful servants.”


    “Could this be the chapel?” he thought to himself.

    “It looks more like the way down into Hell.”

    And then, from the rocks above the hole, he heard the sound of a giant, over eight feet tall, sharpening his ax.

    With his heart in his mouth, Gawain called out, “Who waits for me? I am here: come now, or never again!”

    “Stay there,” said the giant. “I will soon be down to give you what I promised you a year ago.”

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  • Chapter 10 果敢但并非金身不破的高文骑士




    是的,人无完人,在这一点上,西人更清醒,更坦率,也更宽容。。。所以。。。并没有金身不破的Sir Gawain这一说。

    I must blame you a little for that—but not too much, because we all do what we have to do to stay alive.


    I bless this scar, because to the end of my days it will remind me of what happens to those who are not completely honest.



    2⃣️“Now I have kept my promise, and if you try to strike me again, I shall give you as good as I get!”

    3⃣️The first two times I swung my ax were for the first two days you spent in my house.

    4⃣️ “To make things interesting, I would like to make an agreement with you,” the Lord continued.

    “Whatever I get out there in the forest, I will give to you.

    But whatever you get here in my home, you must give to me. Agree?”

    5⃣️The kisses 😘

    6⃣️ 互砍。

    7⃣️天啦噜这还有最后一个考验!“Since you have been so honest about your mistake, I forgive you for it,” said the Green Knight.

    “You have paid its price on the edge of my ax.

    🛑 很有意思的逻辑谬误



    “Surely,” said the Green Knight, “this man, who tries to get away before he has even been hurt, cannot be the famous Sir Gawain!

    Is this how I acted in Arthur’s hall?”

    “Unlike you, if I lose my head, I cannot put it back,” said Gawain.

    “But strike me a second time—I will not move again.”




    Then Sir Gawain was angry at himself, took off the girdle(腰带) and gave it to the Green Knight, and said,

    ⚜️“Cowardice and greed are my greatest enemies, and they have beaten me!

    I have acted very wrongly toward you: do with me as you will.

    ⚜️Hiding the truth always gets one into trouble.”


    And now I freely offer you this girdle(腰带), so that you may have something to remember this adventure by.

    And I invite you to return to my castle and to our New Year’s celebrations,

    where you and I and my wife can laugh about everything we have done together, in peace and happiness.”


    And I will accept your gift of the girdle(腰带).

    ⚜️Whenever I wear it, I will let go of my pride and remember how easy it is for me to go wrong.”

    ⚜️He tied the girdle(腰带) closely around his body, and always wore it to remind himself of his weakness.

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  • Chapter 11厨子骑士

    Sir Gareth, the Kitchen Knight


    There were many days when Lot wished that Arthur had just cut off his head and stuck it on a pole outside the city gates, as any normal king would have done,

    instead of forcing him to work as a policeman and tax collector(征税人) for his worst enemy.


    Morgawse did not know what would happen if Gareth went to the Court(宫廷,皇室) as the proud and angry son of a proud, angry, and defeated father, and she did not want to find out.


    “Do not thank me yet! I have a condition.

    If you go to Camelot, do not go as King Lot’s son, but as an ordinary young man looking for a job.

    Ask the King to let you work in his kitchen for a year, and do everything you are told without complaining.

    And until you are made a knight—if you ever are—you may tell no one who you are or where you come from.”


    As he looked more closely at the pictures, the people in them seemed to move, as if by magic.

    “There is no safety for you, either within the Court(宫廷,皇室) or outside it,” replied the Gatekeeper(守门人).

    “I warn you—once you pass through this gate, you cannot escape the magic that is all around the King.

    You will find yourself making promises to him that no man can ever keep.

    If that seems too hard to you, you can always stay outside in peace, with your farm animals.”

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  • Chapter 12一字不差的落实

    “Any knight of mine must promise to respect and protect all women, to be obedient to the King, and to fight with all his strength to protect the weak(弱者).

    Can you make those promises?” asked the King.

    “I have not met many women yet, other than my mother.

    I respect her, and I can promise you that as knight, I will show all other women the same respect.

    As for obedience, you can ask Sir Kay—I have always obeyed him, even though he is not the gentlest of masters.

    And very soon, I hope to have a chance to use my strength to protect the weak(弱者).


    I have one more thing to ask—let no one outside this room know that I have been made a knight.

    Rather than rely on(依靠) the name my father gave me, I would like to make one for myself.”

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  • Chapter 13尴尬了


    “Lady,” Gareth replied, “you may say whatever you choose to me: it is your right.

    However, I have promised to you and to the King, on my honor(以我的名誉担保), to save your sister.

    So save her I will, or die in the attempt.”

    “Amazing! You sound almost like a knight!

    A kitchen boy in Arthur’s Court(宫廷,皇室) has learned to copy the speech of noble people—just as a parrot(鹦鹉) can learn to talk like its owner.

    But when you meet some men who can really fight, you will wish you were back in the kitchen again!”


    “Good sir, I do not know, or care, what you usually do.

    Whether you spend your days rescuing gentle ladies or washing dishes, you have saved my life today with your courage and your skill.

    What may I offer you in return?”


    So save her I will, or die in the attempt.

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  • Chapter 14 翻滚吧 逆袭的伙夫少年!


    🛑 The Lord of the Morning Star 青春的象征,连侍者都是少女

    “Daughters of the Dawn and servants of the Lord of the Morning Star, come now, and help me with my armor and weapons!”

    Three young girls came forward, their bare feet wet with the morning dew(露水).

    ⭕️ 帅吗

    But Gareth said, “I will be happy to spare your life—but only if the Lady Lynette asks me to.”


    “Kitchen boy, this knight is a better man than you by far—please do not kill him!”

    Gareth replied, “Your wish is my command.


    And you must leave your shield behind with me.

    Now, Lynette, lead on!”

    🛑 The Lord of the Sun


    Gareth was carrying the shield of the Lord of the Morning Star, so the Lord of the Sun greeted him, saying, “Welcome, brother!

    What brings you here?”



    Gareth asked Lynette, “Do you think any better of your kitchen boy now?”

    “Not at all!” she replied.

    🛑The Lord of the Evening Star


    The third river crossing(河流渡口) was a very old bridge, dark red in the light of the setting sun, and on it stood the knight who called himself the Lord of the Evening Star.


    “Yes, I am old—old, and hard,” said the Lord of the Evening Star.

    “I have seen and done many terrible things that the young know nothing of.

    Do you see this thick, scarred skin of mine?

    Over many years, the things that I have done and the things that have been done to me have slowly thickened and strengthened it.

    It protects me from hurt, both in war and in love.

    Come here, young man, and learn from me how to fight, and how to die!


    Then an old, wrinkled lady in worn-out(破烂不堪的) clothes came to bring the Lord of the Evening Star his armor.

    On his dented(凹陷的), rusty shield was the Evening Star, just about to set.


    He started to feel that he would never, ever be able to finally beat this man.

    He felt like someone who decides to give up a bad habit, imagining that it will be easy, but finds that the habit will never let him go.

    It makes fun of(取笑,拿...开玩笑) him, as if saying, “You gave me power over your life, and I will keep it!

    I am in charge and don’t you forget it!”


    “You would have done better to trust the King,” said Gareth, “but for myself, I have no complaints.

    My deeds were the answer to your words.

    Your insults gave me strength, and now that your words to me are kind, I feel that I can beat anyone—even Sir Lancelot himself.”

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