Why Be Happy When You Could Be Normal? (1)

  • 第120页 The Wrong Crib
    I was at the front door. I heard her behind me. I turned. "Jeanette, will you tell me why?" "What Why?" "You know what why..." But I don't know what why...what I am...why I don't please her. What s...

Beholder (1)

  • 第36页 1
    1.pariah Ever since the courts had confirmed that Braddock Farm was mine, men suddenly saw me as marriage material. It was doubly annoying because of all the years I'd spent as a social pariah. 自...

The Story of Doctor Dolittle (1)

  • But animals don't always speak with their mouths
    His sister used to grumble about all these animals and said they made the house untidy. grumble抱怨 Taxpayers are grumbling about the waste of government money,as usual. 纳税人又像往常一样抱怨政府...

The Princess Diaries (1)

Orphan Train (1)

  • To her surprise Molly feels a lump in her throat
    The bitterness and alcohol and depression are stripped away from these phantom incarnations, and they console and protect me in death as they never did in life . 在这些幻影身上,不再有痛苦、酒精和...
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