How To Think Like Leonardo Da Vinci (1)

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    When you are out for a walk, see to it that you watch and consider other men's postures and actions as they talk, argue, laugh or scuffle; their own actions, and those of their supporters and onlooke...

领导干部穿戴的艺术 (2)

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    给自己挑衣服、做头发也是一样,只要自己喜欢的就是合适自己的···突出的三个字:我愿意。窃以为,这就是穿衣服的最高境界。 ···老徐的“我愿意”是建立在“我理解”基础上的。

浅论精神病学-通识读本-典藏版 (1)

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    'Big Pharma' has been accused of stretching the boundaries of what are treatable psychiatric disorders to increase the sales of its drugs. It has been accused of creating a need for its drugs rather t...

The Art of Learning (4)

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    Musicians, actors, athletes, philosophers, scientists, writers understand that brilliant creations are often born of small errors. Problems set in if the performer has a brittle dependence on the saf...
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    There is nothing like a worthy opponent to show us our weaknesses and push us to our limit. It is good for Danny to compete, but it is essential that he do so in a healthy manner.
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    The key to pursuing excellence is to embrace an organic, long-term learning process, and not to live in a shell of static, safe mediocrity.
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    The same pattern can be seen when the art of learning is analyzed: themes can be internalized, lived by, and forgotten.

On Writing Well (1)

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    "And yet, on balance, affirmative action has, I think, been a qualified success." A 13-word sentence with five hedging words. I give it first prize as the most wishy-washy sentence in moder...
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