TINA LIU对《散文佳作108篇》的笔记(2)

  • 书名: 散文佳作108篇
  • 作者: 乔萍/瞿淑蓉/宋洪玮
  • 页数: 601
  • 出版社: 译林出版社
  • 出版年: 2011-1
  • 第8页

    Rush Those which have gone have gone for good, those which to come keeps coming, yet in between, how swift is the shift in such a rush?

    2011-10-08 22:41:34 回应
  • 第6页

    The Ugly Stone It is ugly as ugly as it could be. when things became the ugliest it turns out its most beautiful. I was struck by its greatness in that it lies lonely unyielding existance of being misunderstood by people.

    2011-10-08 22:48:55 回应

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