The Mismeasure of Man (2)

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    Darwin, who approached hereditarian arguments with strong suspicion, wrote after reading Hereditary Genius: "you have made a convert of an opponent in one sense, for I have always maintained that, ...
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    By what right, other than our own biases, can we identify his prejudice and hold that science now operates independently of culture and class?

Of Human Bondage (2)

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    Since Maugham's death, his reputation has, as he feared it would, much declined, both as a playwritier and as a novelist. His plays and short stories, and most of his novels, too earnestly bear the...
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    "on the face of it, it is easier to write stories like Chekov's than stories like de Maupassant's. To invent a stroy interesting in itself apart from the telling is a difficult thing, the power to ...

Monsieur Teste (1)

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    I have reached the point, alas, of comparing those words on which we so lightly traverse the space of a thought, to light planks thrown across an abyss, which permit crossing but no stopping. A man...

局外人 (2)

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    从成分结构与定性分析来看,虚无、绝望、陌生感、异己感,所有这些正是二十世纪“荒诞”这一个总的哲理体系中的组成部分,从法国而是世界文学的走脉来看,马尔罗、加缪们又都曾接受过巴斯卡尔 比阿这样一个作为“...
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一百个人的十年 (1)

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    它应当枝叶繁茂的时候却过早凋落了,布满伤疤的躯干却支撑着坍塌的天空的一角 拯救灾难的,不是圣贤,永远是人民 叙述这些故事的语言表面上波澜不惊 却看得我心惊肉跳
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