Newer Ideals of Peace (1)

  • intro
    Universal and permanent peace may be a vision; the the gradual change whereby war, as a normal state of international relations, has given place to peace as the normal state, is no vision, but an a...

Browning's Men and Women, 1855 - Vol I (1)

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    1. poet and the material world The greatest artists have not been those who ignored or resented material things, who looked upon the body merely as an irritating encumbrance, and put the world and ...

论小说与小说家 (1)

  • 第1页 Modern Fiction
    para1:现代的小说并没有在发展中优于过去的小说创作,只求keep moving toward a circular tendency,即便我们在技法和材料上比起以前更充分(这里的simple tools and primitive materials究竟指物质还是写作技巧...

Selections And Essays By John Ruskin (1918) (1)

  • 第1页 两篇essay
    From Modern Painters <A Definition of Greatness in Art> It is not by the mode of representing and saying, but by what is represented and said, that the respective greatness either of the pain...

Studies in the History of the Renaissance (1)

  • 第1页 Preface//La Gioconda//Conclusion
    记叙佩特的美学思想,据说还因为分析米开朗基罗、达芬奇和Winkelmann表现出对同性恋有倾向性,和Henry James有渊源(虽然HJ不能认同他的“燃烧才是生命”观点)。 Many attempts have been made by writers on ar... (1回应)
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