The Philosophy of Language (3)

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    原文:The Need for Abstract Entities( 入选本书使用的标题:intensional semantics 1. 我想,标题不应该叫the Need ... 应该叫the Nerd ...。表达太折磨人了啊.. (2回应)
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    继续课堂笔记。同样,不是原文的summary,而是原文的充分重构。 体例: 讲义转述:无标记 教师(A.Torza:评论与进一步解释:【】 笔者补充:[ ] ==============================...
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    课上的一些tips。Tarski(1944)一文关于语义的真值理论,具体而言,是Tarski基于符合论框架重新刻画the semantic conception of Truth的工作。文章很精彩,课程讲授也精彩。讲授不是给出文章的具体interpretation,而...

Syntactic Structures (2)

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    Thus phrase structure, taken as a linguistic level, has the fundamentally different and nontrivial character which, as we saw in the last paragraph of ยง 3, is required for some linguistic level. We c... (2回应)
  • Introduction by Lightfoot
    v - vi Noam Chomsky's Syntactic Structures was the snowball which began the avalanche of the modem "cognitive revolution." The cognitive perspective originated in the seventeenth century ...

The Fate of Reason (4)

  • 2.4 the philosophical significance of the controversy
    Lessing was essentially a vehicle for Jacobi's criticisms of the Berlin Aufklärer, and in particular Mendelssohn, whom he rightly regarded as their leader…In his [Jacobi's] eyes this group represe...
  • 2.3 the dispute over Lessing's Spinozism
    【标题:这都是一群什么人哪。。。】 1. 1783年3月,Elise Reimarus给雅格比说,门德尔松先生要写个关于莱辛的书啊。雅格比就在同年7月复信问Elise小姐,那门德尔松先生知道莱辛晚年的一些重要看法么?比如xx... (10回应)
  • 2.2 the rise of Spinozism in Germany, 1680-1786
    1. Beiser表示,Spinoza所以长期背负恶名,主要不是因为他的泛神论式哲学思想——他毕竟不是首创和唯一——而是因为他激进的左派政治思想:宽容,平等,政教分离,非汤武薄周孔(圣经不过是人世文本,先知们不过... (2回应)
  • 2.1 The Historical Significance of the Pantheism Controversy
    一直因为Beiser这本书过于浓郁的天朝中学历史教科书的写作体例乃至风格而排斥它。不过看了下Jacobi这段,完全改观了我的负面看法—风格毕竟是皮相,内容才是王道。 首先,问题定位犀利:泛神论之争的内核并不是表... (25回应)

The Language Instinct (6) 更多

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    Bellugi, working with colleagues in molecular biology, neurology, and radiology, found that the child (whom they called Crystal), and a number of others they have subsequently tested, had a rare f...
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    In ASL, the verb to blow is signed by opening a fist held horizontally in front of the mouth (like a puff of air). Any verb in ASL can be modified to indicate that the action is being done conti... (1回应)
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    the English pasttense ending -ed may have evolved from the verb do: He hammered was originally something like He hammer-did そうか。。这下理解为什么有疑问句do占变位位置这个事了。。 (1回应)
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    The great majority of sentences were grammatical, especially in casual speech, with higher percentages of grammatical sentences in working-class speech than in middle-class speech. The highest p...
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    And as we would expect from comparisons between languages, there are areas in which BEV is more precise than standard English. He be working means that he generally works, perhaps that he has a ...
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    gender了半天,其实现在一般叫classifier了—印欧语的gender,汉语的量词(一头猪,一把椅子;不是一瓶酒、一尺布这种)都被算作不同的classifier类型。 另外读了这20几页,总有种这本书不是1994年出版的而是1974...

李皖的耳朵 (1)

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    28/ Village Music of Yugoslavia:Pjevati cu necu stat u muku(选自Village Music of Yugoslavia,克罗地亚歌曲) 。。。。。。。。。