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The Best Interface Is No Interface
  • 书名: The Best Interface Is No Interface
  • 作者: Golden Krishna
  • 副标题: The simple path to brilliant technology (Voices That Matter)
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  • 出版社: New Riders
  • 出版年: 2015-2-20
  • Foreword
    There's less time than ever for unplanned interaction.
    Spiegel: "The biggest constraint of the next 100 years of computing is the idea of metaphors. For Sanpchat, the closer we can get to 'I want to talk to you' - that emotion of wanting to see you and then seeing you - the better and better our product and our view of the world will be."
    For the tools we use every day, people are always going to take the path of least resistance and choose utility and pragmatism above all else.
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  • 2. Screen-based Thinking

    When the Iphone came out, Apple: "There's an app for that."

    But is an app actually needed?


    To unlock car door, BWM remote app v.s.Siemens key sensors


    We applied the first principle of the best interface is no interface, entirely avoid using a screen, and embraced our typical processes. Edward Tufte: "Overload, clutter, and confusion are not attributes of information, they are failures of design.
    Embracing a typical process means you can do what you normally do. Avoiding a digital interface means you don't waste time learning, troubleshooting, and using a screen you don't need to be using anyway. That's good design thinking, especially when designing around common tasks.


    AR + AI = best interface





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  • 3. Slap an Interface on It!
    I'm a user experience (UX) designer. That means my job is to understand your common, everyday problems and to use technology to solve them.
    Many brilliant thinkers, dreamers, desingers, engineers, developers, and enterpreneurs have made and will continue to make great strides enriching the human experience through technology in many of these locations. But in an ultracompetitive global market where fast and lean are more valued than deep thinking or original solutions, many of us - including myself - have been caught up in reactionary rectangles, thoughtless habits, and the self-delusion that the way things have gone the past few years is the way we should keep going forever.

    对于屏幕的滥用。We don't need a big screen on EVERYTHING.

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  • 4. UX ≠ UI

    Position descriptions always put UX / UI together, but UX and UI are not the same.

    When we saw problems, we slapped an interface on it. UX stopped being about people, and started being about rounded rectangles and parallax animations.
    The best minds of my generation are thinking about how to make people click ads. That sucks.
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  • 5. Addiction UX

    几大巨头在IPO以后都变成了ad-based company。这样eyeball for ads就变成了最重要的目标。


    being unable to motivate customers with an immediate need to pay, creating a valuable service in a business sector that has traditionally been ree, or making an effort to massively and rapidly grow the size and impact of technological products.

    很多公司一开始创造了有价值的服务,最后却变成sitcom television:

    get people to go brain-dead staring at a screen for as long as often as possible.

    打开mobile webpages就是各种让下载app的,只求让你有多一点可能性收到notification,多花一点时间在他们的service上。

    The general goal is to do whatever possible to keep more and more of us logged in and wired, dragging us back for more interface time because the more eyeballs, the more money thay can sell their ads for; and the happier their shareholders, the longer their doors stay open. Solving user problems more effeciently is not a core part of the agenda. Addiction is.

    Facebook曾经尝试通过分析用户喜好来打造"personalized newpaper",结果表明用户缩短了discover的时间,在得到他们想看的内容以后会在更短时间内离开网站。所以出于广告收益的考虑,FB取消了这一feature。看到这儿不禁觉得小扎好不容易啊!明明有一大堆改变世界的想法,如今却快被shareholders赶下台。capitalist这时候真显得面目可憎。(好吧过于天真激进了我)

    The ad-based interface is often measured on Wall Street like a drug - addiction good, moderation bad - but not in terms of human healthiness, happiness, or goals achieved.

    Start-ups也为了"Investor Storytime"努力说服VC把广告放在自己的网站上就能挣钱。


    I believe our job as designers is to give you what you need as quickly and as elegantly as we can. Our job as designers is to take you away from technology. Our job as designers is to make you smile. To make a profit by providing you something that enhances your life in the most seamless and wonderful way possible.



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  • 6. Distraction

    People *Clifford Nass*

    Fact: A very small group of people who can do two tasks at one time but there's actually no evidence that anyone can do even three.

    The heaviest media multitaskers performed worse. They couldn't help thinking about the task they weren't doing.

    Clifford Nass: "If we're designing interfaces to encourage multitasking, or to support multitasking, we're actually creating a worse thinking, poorer thinking, less able to cope, less able to multitask group of people, and it's very worrying."

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  • 8. The Screenless Office
    Let's prioitize personal goals over addiction. Let's get our lives and our health back in balance by interacting with the real world instead of staring into a light, checking new notifications. Let's think beyond screen.
    The best result for any technology is to solve meaningful problems in impactful ways.
    The best design reduces work.
    The best computer is unseen.
    The best interface is natural.
    The best interface is no interface.
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  • 12. Machine Input
    The most profound technologies are those that disappear.
    The Active Badge: easily accessable, they seamlessly and continuously received one kind of information. Instead of relying on painful user input like form fields and website navigation, the computer system used automatic, sensory, signal-based machine input."

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  • 13. Analog and Digital Chores
    Struggling with choice is actually a basic and observed part of human psychology that's an understood element in good design thinking. The burden and anxiety caused by the need to make choices has been confirmed time and time again.
    These are digitla chores. The maintenance of our digital lives.
    In this digital errrand world of operating system settings, folders, badges, and notification centers, one of the absurdities of the job is that the more digital chores you do, the more new digital chores may arise.
    By taking advantage of things like an API that allows software to talk to software, or by embracing a simple type of machine input - such as Wi-Fi or Bluetooth radio - some designers and engineers are rethinking software in NoUI ways.
    "Subscription-based applications"

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  • 14. Computing for One
    Fact: despite the millions of mobile apps available, a tiny percentage (only about 500 if them) account for more than 80 percent of all downloads.
    Making one digital interface that will satisfy an average is very hard, and in the end, interfaces are aften representative of no one.
    Andrew Ng: "Sometimes I actually think that machine learning is not only the most exciting thing in computer science, but the most exciting thing in all of human endeavor.
    "The latest the greatest" is tech's biggest lie.
    But what if there were no wall? What if we shifted the primary experience from the concrete to the abstract? What if instead of spending all that money and time on a static interface that will look outdated in a year, we spend the resources on a learning algorithm that can adapt a sevice in any way needed?

    今天感看到Andrew Ng从百度辞职的声明,很赞赏他辞职的理由。

    "But AI’s potential is far bigger than its impact on technology companies."

    "The industrial revolution freed humanity from much repetitive physical drudgery; I now want AI to free humanity from repetitive mental drudgery, such as driving in traffic. This work cannot be done by any single company—it will be done by the global AI community of researchers and engineers. "

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