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The Kinfolk Home
  • 书名: The Kinfolk Home
  • 作者: Nathan Williams
  • 副标题: Interiors for Slow Living
  • 页数: 368
  • 出版社: Artisan
  • 出版年: 2015-10-20
  • 第8页 Introduction
    The function of our homes should dictate the way we decorate them, not the other way around. Instead of either clogging our lives with unnecessary clutter - both physical and mental - or needlessly throwing out meaningful possessions, we can work to determine what brings fulfullment to our lives, and then surround ourselves with those comforms.
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    The way you talk, dress, and live define who you are.

    Our homes are community builders. That community could consist of a life partner, a sprawling family, a collection of housemates or a humble party of one. Whatever form that community takes, our homes act as places where those people can come together and become closer. Forming our spaces with this in mind can strengthen the relationships that flourish under our roofs.
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    Interior design不是关于一把椅子,一张床,壁纸的颜色,或者电视的大小,而是我们想要在家里做些什么或者不做什么,什么让我们真正的放松平静下来(当然有的人的需求可能并不如此),什么能让我们和家人更好地互动交流,什么能体现我们个人的印记、装载珍贵的回忆。

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  • 第65页 Domestic Intersections
    I tend to surround myself with things that reflect my history, my encounters and my friendships.
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    I'm very disciplined with what I bring into our home.
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