Dynamic Programming & Optimal Control, Vol. I (1)

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    Life can only be understand going backwards, but it must be lived going forwards. Kierkegaard 基于其作者的弟子,我TA课程的授课教师回忆,本书作者还是一位国际象棋...

Are Your Lights On? (1)

    PROBLEM: Nobody reads prefaces. SOLUTIONS: Call the preface Chapter 1. NEW PROBLEM CREATED BY SOLUTION: Chapter 1 is boring. RESOLUTION: Throw away Chapter 1 and call Chapter 2 Chapter 1.

All the Countries We've Ever Invaded (1)

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    If someone asked you how many countries we’ve invaded over the centuries, what would you say? Forty? Fifty? Sixty? What if I told you that we’ve invaded, had some control over or fought conflicts ...

How to Do Systems Analysis (1)

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    "Can we start coding now, please?" "No, because we don't know how the client wants to measure success."

Don't Panic (1)

    It is, however, the story of a book also called, at a very high level of improbability, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy; of the radio series that started it all; the four-book trilogy it comprise...
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