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The Cherry Orchard
  • 书名: The Cherry Orchard
  • 作者: Anton Chekhov
  • 副标题: Cherry Orchard
  • 页数: 91
  • 出版社: Grove Press
  • 出版年: 1994-1-11
  • Quotes
    LOPAKHIN. My father was a peasant, it's true, but here I am in a white waistcoat and yellow shoes ... a pearl out of an oyster. I'm rich now, with lots of money, but just think about it and examine... LOPAKHIN. Lubov Andreyevna, as I remember her now, was still young, and very thin, and she took me to the washstand here in this very room, the nursery. (1.5) DUNYASHA. I don't know what to do about it. He's a nice young man, but every now and again, when he begins talking, you can't understand a word he's saying. I think I like him. He's madly in love ...
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    VARYA. Well, you've come, glory be to God. Home again. [Caressing her] My darling is home again! My pretty one is back again! (1.43) LOPAKHIN. The train's arrived, thank God. What's the time? DUNYASHA. It will soon be two. [Blows out candle] It is light already. (1.1-2) TROFIMOV.All Russia is our orchard……For it’s so clear that in order to begin to live in the present, we must first redeem the past...
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