The Ambiguities of Experience
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Learning is conspicuous in human existence. By learning, we mean that people change expectations/understandings based on the observed outcome of actions, using two mechanisms: low-intellect (simple.........
Homo Deus
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Homo Deus is a book about the future -- let me rephrase -- about the futures. Standing under the signpost of 2016, if you are like most of my friends, you are also feeling pretty grim about the imm.........
Escape from Evil
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The fundamental premise of Becker's thesis is that man, like other organisms, is mortal. But, unlike other animals, man has the bad fortune of being aware of his own mortality. Thus, the life of ma.........
The Brothers Karamazov
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今天终于放下了这本大部头。数一数,刚好历时两个月。从学校图书馆借出来,续了无数次,中途还换了回去,第二天又去借出来,直到今天,又过了六个星期。 九十六章之后,故事还是没有完结。所有的人物被心火折磨......... (1回应)

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