Advanced Virtual Machine Design and Implementation (1)

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    //var_1 = var_2 + 2; 1: iload_1 ; push variable 1 on stack 2: iconst_2 ; push constant 2 on stack 3: iadd ; add the stack top two items 4: istore_1 ; pop stack and store to variable 1 这小节举的..

The C Programming Language (1)

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    这就是implicit function declaration的规定啊: If a name that has not been previously declared occurs in an expression and is followed by a left parenthesis, it is declared by context to be a functi...

Advanced Compiler Design and Implementation (2)

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    这GEM系列编译器看起来好先进好超前。 The optimizer first constructs the flowgraph of the routine and its dominator tree, eliminating empty blocks, unreachable code, and unnecessary branches in the p...
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    The compilers were written with interchangeable back ends, so as to target the IBM 370 architecture, the unreleased architecture mentioned above, the PC RT, POWER, the Intel 386 architecture, SPARC, a...

计算机软件测试 (1)

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    在第39页有 本书是关于黑盒测试的。 所以只是在这个小节简单介绍一下白盒测试的概念。 这小节提到了几种覆盖准则: 语句覆盖 分支覆盖 条件覆盖

编译原理 技术与工具 (2)

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    Conditional expressions are evaluated either numerically or by control flow, as discussed in Section 8.4, and DELAY decides which mode is cheaper in each instance. 喔喔原来以前就有编译器是可以选择..
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    The compiler is worth our attention for several reasons. Its optimization performance is strong, and it performs a number of transformations found almost nowhere else. Further, it pioneered the "...
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