Don't Be Such a Scientist (1)

  • 第4页 Don't be so unlikeable
    Lacking the time and energy to evaluate the information being presented, people end up evaluating the presenter. 这句倒是挺是在的,所以不能自毁名声啊……

创造自然 (1)

  • 第51页 南美洲
    他写道,“整体的印象”比任何一样东西都让我着迷。 出野外同感!我实在找不到收集物种数量本身的乐趣在哪儿。。。。。

Animal Migration (2)

Waders (1)

  • 第120页 Migratory Plovers
    In 1982, in British Birds(75:96) Mike Rogers wrote: "The Lesser Sand plover is quite a pleasing little bird. The Greater stikes me as an ugly brute, with a body too small for its legs, a head too l...

Sex, Size and Gender Roles (2)

    Some of the most male-biased SSDs are exhibited by bustard, grouse, widowbirds, waterfowls, grackles, and brown songlark, whereas the most female-biased SSDs are exhibited by raptors. (1回应)
    Although such examples of extreme male-biased SSD are impressive, they pale in comparison to the extremes reached in many taxa where females are the larger sex. Moderate, female-biased SSD is by fa...
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