Class (1)

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    All are faced with the problem inseparable from the operations of a mass society, earning respect. The comic Rodney Dangerfield, complaining that he don't get none, belongs to the same national spe...

The Elements of Style, Fourth Edition (2)

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    -always use the serial comma -the best way to write a date: 06 April 2019 -How to punctuate abbreviations? Pay attention to that comma. Letters, packages, etc., should go here. Samie R. Jaffrey, Ph...
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    It is an old observation that the best writer sometimes disregard the rules of rhetoric. When they do so, however, the reader will usually find in the sentence some compensating merit, attained at ...

A Bit on the Side (1)

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    Unspoken, understood, their rules of love had not been broken in the distress of ending what was not ended and never would be. Nothing of love had been destroyed today: they took that with them as ...

夏夜十点半钟 (1)

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    克莱尔和玛 利 亚 在 为 不同 的 夜晚 作准备。 皮 埃 尔 回 想起 维 罗 纳。 他从 床上 起来, 走出 房间, 敲 妻子 玛 利 亚 的 房门。 他 突然 对 死去 的 爱情 产生了 迫切 的 兴趣。 当他 走进 玛 利 亚 的 ..

美妙的新世界 (1)

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    已经很少写正经的读书笔记了 自打到了美国还没有静下来好好看完一本书 希望这本书是一个开始 我有些讨厌自然主义者 科学技术还远没到特别好用的程度 怎么就开始大放厥词 说我们现在被科学技术奴役了呢 改变一些..
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