The Disaster Artist (1)

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    Even today, a decade later, I still can’t unsee Tommy’s outfit: nighttime sunglasses, a dark blazer as loose and baggy as rain gear, sand-colored cargo pants with pockets filled to capacity (was ...

Discourse on the Sciences and Arts (First Discourse) and Polemics (1)

  • Second part
    When innocent and virtuous men liked to have gods as witnesses of their actions, they lived with them in the same huts. But having soon become evil, they grew weary of these inconvenient spectators...

America Alone (1)

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    "If we know anything, it is that weakness is provocative." Donald Rumsfeld Washington, Oct. 1998 原文其实来自美国国防部长(Secretary)Rumsfeld在布拉格的北约峰会上与美国新闻广播公司(A...

Into Thin Air (1)

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    Men play at tragedy because they do not believe in the reality of the tragedy which is actually being staged in the civilised world. --José Ortega y Gasset *奥特加·伊·加塞特(José Ortega y G...

大众文化的神话 (2)

  • 马克思主义与文化
    “文化权利在某个方面来说,暗指了阶级权利。”“因为权利与影响力来自文化。” “文化实乃具有阶级属性,任何时代的主流文化必定为主流支配阶级所有,并且坦诚文化是阶级统治与压迫的工具。”(非作者观点) ...
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    资本主义的生产模式,适巧强化而不是摧毁了市民社会(civil cociety)。眼前我们目睹的社会结构,实乃极其复杂而且具有自主性,期间糅杂了形形色色的公会组织、政治团体、职业公会以及五花八门的传播与文化媒介,其..
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