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Other Voices, Other Rooms
  • 书名: Other Voices, Other Rooms
  • 作者: Truman Capote
  • 页数: 192
  • 出版社: Penguin Classics
  • 出版年: 2004-5-27
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    In the short story "House of flowers", Ottilie asks, "How do you feel when you're in love?" ... Ah, said Rosita with swooning eyes, you feel as though pepper has been sprinkled on your heart, as though tiny fish are swimming in your veins."

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    "The brain may take advice, but not the heart, and love, having no geography, knows no boundaries." The line, spoken by Cousin Randolph in Other Voices, Other Rooms, id engraved on Capote's memorial stone in Bridgehampton, Long Island.



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    He had his notions of what a "real" boy shoud look like, and this kid somehow offended them. He was too pretty, too delicate and fair-skinned; each of his features was shaped with a sensitive accuracy, and a girlish tenderness softened his eyes, which were brown and very large.


    ... he said, selecting one in a watergreen envelop

    watergreen 用的不错啊,一下子就想到曾经见过的湖。 幻境和现实的交叉,就这么毫无预兆的发生在一个形容词身上,有意思。

    There were two things about this letter that bothered him; first of all, the handwriting: penned in ink the rusty color of dried blood, it was a maze of curlicues and dainty i's dotted with daintier o's. What the hell kind of a man would write like that?


    作者的敏感和self-consciousness 真的是高的一批。。。。不过看到这里,觉得竟然意外的好看啊。

    It was as if he lived with those months wearing a pair of spectacles with green, cracked lenses, and had wax-plugging in his ears, for everything seemed to be something it wasn't, and the days melted in a constant dream......little Kay, whose outlook was twisted when a splinter from the Sprite's evil mirror infected his eye, changing his heart into a lump of bitter ice...


    The miracle he's planned, however, was in the nature of a kind old rich lady who, having glimpsed him on a street-corner, immediately dispatched an envelope stuffed with thousand-dollar bills; or a similar God-like action on the part of some goodhearted stranger.


    ... for if he let his attentionn turn inward even a second he would begin to tremble, and the mean tears would not stay back."

    这本书真的是敏感多思青少年心理范本啊### 很多个场景与我曾经幻想的一模一样。布鲁克林有棵树所对应的是小女孩的自我,这个对应的就是曾经的肤浅的文学的自我。

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    His face was like a black withered apple, and almost destroyed; his polished forehead shone as though a purple light gleamed under the skin
    "So, up child. Gettin towards night, and night's misery on my bones."

    作者色觉十分了得啊, “紫光为上,黑光次之,青光又次之” 有意思

    "Mama's as honest as the day is long...
    As this exchange of stares continued, a smileless but amused look that passed between them was lighted by the moon: it was as if each were saying: I don't think so much of you either...

    介于男主和tomboy之间。 自从看了卡波特和哈珀李的故事,我一直带入 Lee 在卡波特的故事当中。

    The tough way she acts you'd never suppose she came from a well-to-do family like mine, would you?

    这句话也是十分适合用来形容 Scout -- Harper Lee from To kill a mockingbird.

    She was far back and running, runing like a pale animal through the lake of weeds lining the wayside towards a flowering island of dogwood that bloomed lividly some distance off like seashore foam on a black beach.

    确实很有诗意啊! 这么平凡普通的乡下小孩在乡下的田野上乱跑能写成这样子,真了不起。

    ...but already the tide of darkness had washed the twins from sight.


    Arms akimbo, legs crumpled, lips vaguely parted -- he looked as if sleep had struck him with a blow.


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    ...as always, rescue came with wakefulness.

    同样的意思,在卡波特的表达之下显得格外的生动,不一样。而且厉害的是我完全感觉不到作者的费力。effortless beauty 大概就是卡波特文笔的特点吧。现在想把每句话都给摘抄下来,因为每个名词的形容,每个动词的修饰都是常人想不到的用词和笔法。太牛批了。。。

    the bed, an immense four-poster with different rosewood fruits carved crudely on its high headboard, was suffocatingly soft and his body had sunk deep in its feathery center.

    suffocatingly soft 形容姑娘的胸也可以用这个。这一段真的隐晦的色情,看起来最爽。

    She was slight, and fragile-boned, and her eyes were like two raisins embedded in the softness of her narrow face.


    Joel left a dusty imprint on wahtever he touched

    明明就是说脏,但是不说脏,说的是一个new comer 对于原本的生态平衡的破坏。。。哇哦。。。了不起了不起。

    Her voice had a weary, simmpering tone; it struck the ear like the deflating whoosh of a toy ballon.


    There was lack of focus in her face, as though, beneath the uningratiating veneer of fatuous refinement, another personality, quite different, was demanding attention; the lack of focus gave her, at ungarded moments, a panicky, dismayed expression, and when she spoke it was as if she were never precisely certain what every word signified.


    He felt all at once as though he'd wet his pants in public.


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    She spoke so quietly it was as though she intended only herself to hear.

    ... but then willows were willows and the goldenrod goldenrod and the dancers dead and lost.

    无尽悲凉之感。这句话大概对应着 “人面不知何处去,桃花依旧笑春风”。 没有中文的美感,但是用英文表达出来的意境不遑多让。

    ... with a fire pulsing in it now....

    着火不叫着火,也不叫火焰的舞蹈 or 跳跃,而是用脉搏,真的写的好好啊!!!而且全书到处充满了这样的小小的惊喜。

    ... rejoined the colored girl...


    Tall, powerful, barefoot, graceful, soundless, Missouri Fever was like a supple black cat as she paraded serenely about the kitchen, the casual flow of her walk beautifully sensuous and haughty.

    Snow ... silvering the glassy pavement, the ghostly flakes icing his hair, coating rooftops, changing the grimy old neighborhood into a hushed frozen white wasteland uninhabited excep for himself and a menagerie of wonder-beasts...

    Her voice, which was like melted chocolate, was warm and tender. "Let us be friends."

    So elegant a case, he reasoned, was never meant for ordinary snuff, but rare golden powders, precious wich potions, love sand.

    Love sand love sand love sand. 爱情沙?情爱沙?情沙?

    The fire had waned to ashes, and, while the old broken clock ticked like an invalid heart, the sunspots on the floor spread and darkened; the shadows of the fig leaves trellising the walls swelled to an enormous quivering shape, like the crystal flesh of a jellyfish.

    invalid heart, invalid heart, invalid heart.

    ... it promptly stopped beating and all sense of life faded from the kitchen... three, the empty, middle hour of an endless afternoon.

    The diamond glitter of the afternoon hurt his eyes, and he was as slippery with sweat as a greased wrestler.

    ...and a delicate green lizard, racing liquidy round the rusty hollow...

    her sudden appearance seemed to throw a trance across the garden: a butterfly, poised on a dahlia stem, ceased winking its wings, and the rasping F of the bumbebees droned into nothing.
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    in the frightening volcano of her mouth


    ... and Zoo, with her fluid, insinuating grace, could only be, Joel thought, the mermaid bride of an old drowned pirate.

    用词怎么能把握的这么精准呢,看似毫不相干,有点卖弄的嫌疑,可是仔细推敲的话,每一个形容词都是非常恰当妥帖。比如这个 fluid grace,让我想到在水族馆看到的海豹,在水中游起来真的是极其优雅的。我还没见到过陆地生物有这样的“优雅”的运动。

    and from time to time, he honked his nose between his fingers, tossing the discharge into the fern


    The cat curled in his lap, its head flopped over his knee like a wilted dahlia.


    A narrow scar circled her neck like a necklace of purple wire; she traced a finger over it lightly... ...Maybe she was like him, and the world had a grudge against her, too.


    He'd seen the patch, known it for an obsctacle, and yet, as thought deliberately, he'd thrown himself upon it. But the singing briar scratches seems to cleanse him of bewilderment and misery, just as the devil, in fanatic cults, is supposedly, through self-imposed pain, driven from the soul.

    肉体的疼痛带来精神的净化。。。这也太christian了吧。。。 确定不是SM???

    But there was no prayer in Joel's mind; rather, nothing a net of words could capture, for, with one exception, all his prayers of the past had been simple concrete requests: God, give me a bicycle, a knife with seven blades, a box of oil paints. Only now, how, could you say something so indefinite, so meaningless as this: God, let me be loved.


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    A curious quality about Randolph's voice had worried Joel from the first, but not till now could he put a finger on it: Randolph spoke without an accent of any kind: his weary voice was free of reginal defects, yet there was an emotional undercurrent, a caustic lilt of sarcasm which gave it a rather emphatic personality.


    But the walls of Joel's room were too thick for Amy's voice to penetrate. Now for a long time he'd been unable to find the far away room; always it had been difficult, but never so hard as in the last year. So it was good to see his friends again.

    第一次明白的写出别的房间和别的声音。 想象中的frd

    Loke the kitchen, Mr Mystery and little Annie Rose Kuppermann slipped into darkness when the lifted lamps passed through the hall to the parlor.

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    Eyes closed: a dizzy well of stars.


    ... big lies poured over the paper like a thick syrup.


    She looks like that mean Miss A down the street that used to be making such a lot of unecessary stink.


    In may they came, October went, the guests, taking with them memories, leavin g tall sakcs of gold.

    哈哈哈哈哈哈 just like where I live!!! Immenstaad. lol

    ...it was his rightful home, he said, for if he went away, as he had once upon a time, other voices, other rooms, voices lost and clouded, strummed his dreams.


    Like every other tomboy, Idabel was mean, just gut-mean

    作者和《杀死一只知更鸟》的作者 哈珀李是邻居,也是青梅竹马的好朋友。据说在作者的很多文学作品中,会塑造一个 tomboy 也就是假小子,来对应harper lee。可是这里看来,作者难倒觉得lee 很mean?

    ... but this sinful fance did nothing toward lessening the hurt of her insults.

    踩死再多的蚂蚁,内心还是因为假小子的辱骂而愤愤不平。好好查一下他俩的关系发展史,有意思。harperlee 因为of cold blood中帮作者做了很多research,但是只在最后的 acknowledgement俩面调到一句而和作者生分------据说,那作者和harper lee 呢?

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    Standing in the doorway he watched her lamp divide the dark, saw Jesus Fever's windows color: here he was, and there she ws, and there was all of night between them.

    他们中间隔着一整个夜晚。 哇。。。。叹为观止。

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