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The Castle Of Crossed Destinies
  • 书名: The Castle Of Crossed Destinies
  • 页数: 144
  • 出版社: Vintage Classics
  • 出版年: 19971001
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    He is about to disappear into the woods when he feels himself seized by the arms and legs, bound, Hanged head down. From every clump of bushes on the shore, naked bathing girls have sprung forth, with long legs, like the girl who rushes forward in the card of The World through a gap in the boughs. They are a regiment of gigantic women warriors who have swarmed along the water to refresh themselves after a battle, and to regain their Strength, which is like the swift lioness's. In a second they are all upon him, seizing him, flinging him down, tearing him from one another, pinching him, pulling him this way and that, probing him with fingers, tongues, nails, teeth, no, not like that, you girls are mad, leave me alone, what are you doing to me now, not there, stop, you'll ruin me, ouch, ouch, have mercy.
    Left there for dead, he is succored by a Hermit who, in the light of his lantern, roams over the scenes of the battle, composing the remains of the dead and medicating the wounds of the mutilated. The holy man's words can be surmised from the last cards the narrator places on the table, with trembling hand: "I do not know if it was better for you to survive, O soldier. Defeat and slaughter do not befall only the armies of your flag: the host of the avenging Amazons sweeps away and massacres regiments and empires, spreads over the continents of the globe, for ten thousand years subject to masculine dominion, however fragile. The precarious armistice which kept man and woman confronting each other within the family has broken down: wives, sisters, daughters, mothers no longer recognize us as fathers, brothers, sons, husbands, but only as enemies, and all hasten, weapons in hand, to swell the army of the avengers. The proud strongholds of our sex collapse one by one; no man is spared; those whom they do not kill, they castrate; only a few, chosen as drones for the hive, are granted a reprieve, but they can expect even more atrocious tortures to quell any desire of boasting. For the man who thought he was Man there is no salvation. Vindictive queens will rule for the next millennia."
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    "Do you already regret having signed the pact with the Devil?" "No, the mistake was to barter a single soul for a single metal. Only if Faust comprimises himself with many devils at once will he save his plural soul, find wisps of gold at the bottom of plastic matter, see Venus constantly reborn on the shores of Cyprus, dispelling oil slicks, detergent's foam...."
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    Parsifal's strong point is that he is so new to the world and so occupied with the fact of being in the world that it never occurs to him to ask questions about what he sees. And yet one question of his would suffice, a first question that releases the question of everything in the world that has never asked anything, and then the deposit of centuries collected at the bottom of pots in excavations is dissolved, the eras crushed among the telluric strata begin to flow again, the future recovers the past, the pollen of the abundant seasons buried for millennia in peat bogs starts drifting once more, rising on the dust of the years of thought....
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