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读过 Wilco

  • 书名: Wilco
  • 作者: Greg Kot
  • 副标题: Learning How to Die
  • 页数: 264
  • 出版社: Three Rivers Press
  • 出版年: 2004-6-15
  • 第194页
    The recordings got Tweedy thinking about geography, distance, the desire for human connection in a time glutted with media, apathy, and convenience stores. "I started writing from the viewpoint of America as this imagined space, the America that exists in everyone," Tweedy says. "There is nothing more abstract to me than the idea of a country. These solitudes exist so apart from each other in this sea of white noise and information. And the beautiful thing is they keep transmitting to each other in the hope that somebody is going to find them. And the beauty is that people still do, still find some meaning in another person, in a relationship, find some way to communicate, even though more often than not it's in a way that's not what they intended. Because some communication is better than giving up or not communicating at all."
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