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Music Business Made Simple
  • 书名: Music Business Made Simple
  • 作者: J.S. RUDSENSKE
  • 副标题: Start An Independent Record Label (Music Business Made Simple) (Music Business Made Simple)
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  • 出版社: Schirmer Books
  • 出版年: 2005-03-01
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    But this doesn't mean you should become friends with your artists. Instead, I compare the label/artist relationship to a parent/child relationship. Not because the artist is a child (though some artists may be, or at least act like, children), but because you have to make some tough decisions regarding what is best for the label and balance that with the artist's wishes. When you put two or more people in continual contact and require them to make monetary and creative decisions, the initial love can fade sooner than you can say, 'No, you don't get a private plane for Christmas.'
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    A successful producer... will usually have several traits... First, it's no coincidence that many great producers are musicians, and have been -- or performed with -- recording artists. A producer with musical and technical skills can really help the production runs smoothly. ... Second, an effective producer should have the ability to communicate and stay cool under stress. ... Of course, a producer must also understand the music business and the costs of recording. Your record label is paying the bills, and the producer should work with you to make sure the recording is done properly, on time, and within your budget.
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