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Quantum Psychology
  • 书名: Quantum Psychology
  • 作者: Robert Anton Wilson
  • 副标题: How Brain Software Programs You and Your World
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  • 出版社: New Falcon Publications
  • 出版年: 1990-06
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    Even more astounding, this Miracle can only happen if the priest has a Willy. Protestants, Jews, Zen Buddhists etc, have ordained many female clergy-persons in recent decades, but the Vatican remains firm in the principle that only a male - a human with a Willy - can transform the "essense" of bread into the "essense" of a dead body. (Like the cannibalism underlying this Rite, this phallus-worship dates back to Stone Age ideas about "essenses" that can be transferred from one organism to another. Ritual homosexuality, as distinguished from homosexuality - for - fun, played a prominent role in many of the pagan fertility cults that got incorporated into the Catholic metaphysics. See Frazer's Golden Bough and Wright's Worship of the Generative Organs. It requires a phallus to transmute bread into flesh because our early ancestors believed it requires a phallus to do any great work of Magick.)
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    1. THose who respond best to placebos also register high on awareness of synchronicities. Since synchronicity only "makes sense" in a holistic or synergetic model of the universe (and appears "nonsensical" or "impossible" in a mechanistic model) such people already have an intuitive sense of holism, which makes it easier for them to "allow" holistic processes to occur in brain / body systems. 2. THose who respond least to placebos not only deny synchronicity but appear "rigid and stereotypical" in their thinking. Thus, placebos would probably not work for members of CSICOP. It almost appears that some people would rather die than allow a cure that looks to them like "magic". 3. Memory now appears mood - dependent. When we feel happy, we sincerely remember our lives as generally happy; when we feel sad, we conversely remember our lives as total disasters, etc. The "observer" who creats our experienced universes not only appears unaware of its own creativity, but re-edits everything in terms of current mood (i.e., current neurochemical activity in the brain). 4. Many studies indicate that the neuropeptide activity in the brain - reassociating, or re-glossing, or moving from a rigid reality - tunnel to a multi-choice reality labyrinth -- seems as important in healing as the chemical boost that neuropeptides give to the immune system. In other words, as our ability to process more and more information increases, our resistance to unwellness (in general) also increases. A world of many options never "feels" as dreadful as a deterministic or mechanical world. 5. The brain never "remembers" like a tape recorder or repeats like a parrot. Even the most rigid and compulsive types (Catholics, Marxists, members of CSICOP, etc) do a lot more re-associating, re-framing and creative editing than they consciously realize. ... 6. Beta wave activity in the brain correlates with outer-directed activity and dominance of sympathetic nervous system functions. Alpha wave activity, and lower brain frequencies, correlate with inner-directed passivity and dominance of parasympathetic nervous system functions. Daily practice of yoga, which often correlates with improved health, decreases the total amount of beta activity / outer directed attention / symphathetic nervous system function and conversely increases alpha or theta wave activity/inner directed attention / parasympathetic nervous system functions. Hypnosis, whatever positive suggestions it may implant in the cortex to transduce into neurochemical immunological boosts, also begins with telling the patient to close her or his eyes and become more relaxed. Both closing the eyes and relaxing move the patient from beta waves / outer attention / sympathetic system to alpha - theta waves/inner attention/parasymphathetic system.
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    All pre-quantum models of the universe, including Einstein's Relativity, have assumed that all correlations involve connections. In other words, they assume that if whenever A goes ping!, B then goes pong!, the explanation must lie in some connection between A and B. If the ping-pong response continued, over and over, with no connection between A and B, that would seem spooky indeed to classical physics (and to common sense). In Newtonian physics, the connection between ping and pong appears mechanical and deterministic (A pushes and B gets pushed, etc.); in thermodynamics, the connection appears mechanical and statistical (when enough A's bounce around enough, they will hit enough B's to get the B's bouncing, too); in electromagnetism, the connection appears as the intersection or interaction of fields; in Relativity, the connection appears as a result of the curvature of space (which we call "gravity"); but the correlation, in any case, involves some sort of connection. In a simple model, all pre-quantum physics assumed a kind of billiard - table universe. If a ball moves, the cause lies in mechanics (it got hit by another ball) or fields (an electromagnetic field pulled the ball in one direction rather than another ) or geometry (the table curves a certain way) but the ball does not move without cause. In quantum mechanics, since the 1920s, non-local effects 0 correlations without connections - have seemed to many physicists the nly explanation of some of the behavior of sub-atomic systems. (Bohr used the word "non-local" as early as 1928.) Bell merely proved mathematically that these non-local effects indeed must exist if quantum math meshes with the observed universe. In these non-local effects, when we say no connection exists to explain the correlation, we mean, more bluntly, that no "cause" exists - in any sense that we have ever understood "cause".
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    An evolutionary/revolutionary turning point, or quantum jump, seems imminent (i.e., will probably occur before the year 2000) because scientific study of immunological / neuropeptide feedbacks, neurochemistry, Ericksonian and post-Ericksonian hypnosis and Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) seems likely to produce a "scientific yoga" or as I elsewhere call it, a HEAD Revolution - Hedonic Engineering And Development. The neurosomatic healings and neurosomatic "highs" (yogic or chemical ecstasies) found intuitively or accidentally in the past will then give way to a precise technology of staying High and living Well.
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