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I'm a Man
  • 书名: I'm a Man
  • 作者: Ruth Padel
  • 副标题: Sex, Gods and Rock 'n' Roll
  • 页数: 420
  • 出版社: Faber and Faber
  • 出版年: 2000
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    Greece also infected Western culture with some very potent ideas about what music can do to you. It was supposed to have creative, spellbinding, communal, unifying power. Music could draw everyone together; it created the city. When Apollo sang, the walls of Troy rose stone by stone into towers. Orpheus was a man, not a god, but his voice pulled everyone together to listen - not just people but rocks, trees, animals.
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    Some of this pain lies behind Plato's teasing denial that Eros is 'tender and beautiful'. Love, he says in one story, is the accidental offspring of 'Resource' and 'Poverty'. This story begins with a divine birthday party for Venus. Resource ('son of Cunning') gets drunk and goes outside to sleep it off. Poverty, an unsuccessful gatecrasher, is hanging round outside, begging. She has no resources herself, but wants Resource's child:so she lies down by him, gets to work, and conceives Eros: So Eros is poor, parched, barefoot, homeless. He sleeps on bare ground with no covers, on doorsteps, or at the roadside in the open air. Like his mother, he is always in want. Like his father, he schemes for evertyhing beautiful and good. He is brave, strenuous, a great hunter, always planning, a master of juggling, witchcraft and words. He is always after wisdom and truth. But the resources he gets hold of always ebb away.
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