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Music 3.0
  • 书名: Music 3.0
  • 作者: Bobby Owsinski
  • 副标题: A Survival Guide for Making Music in the Internet Age (Music Pro Guides)
  • 页数: 200
  • 出版社: Music Pro Guides
  • 出版年: 2009-12-01
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    The Sanctuary Model-- The tour sells the record, not the other way round. The CD becomes another piece of merchandise. The artist is marketing and selling directly to his tribe. Self-releasing can be more profitable than having a label. The artist can make more money on fewer sales.
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    The New Release Schedule-- Release a single or two songs every 6 to 12 weeks. Frequent new music keeps the tribe happy. Exposure for all songs is increased. Singles can be compiled into an album later. Single act as advanced publicity for the album. Each song release can be treated as a marketing event.
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    You have these two things happening at a record company: you have corporate who's asking, "How do we get paid?" and you have the labels going, "how do we get our artists discovered?" They're working on opposite objectives. When music leaks and they find out that the new U2 album [for example] is out before its release date, chances are it's someone at the label level that leaked it because they wanted publicity. Of course, they'll deny it later that they leaked it. So you have the label trying to expose artists and trying to make some noise, and you have corporate going, "Are you going to pay us for this?" You might argue right now that Google should be paying U2 to feature them on the front page of their music section. Or should U2 be paying Google to be featured on the front page? The answer to that question might determine digital music's future.
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