Screamy赵爷对《The Altar of the Dead》的笔记(2)

The Altar of the Dead
  • 书名: The Altar of the Dead
  • 作者: James, Henry
  • 页数: 56
  • 出版年: 2008-4
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    A woman, when wronged, was always more wronged than a man, and there were conditions when the least she could have got off with was more than the most he could have to bear. He was sure this rare creature wouldn't have got off with the least. He was awestruck at the thought of such a surrender -- such a prostration. Moulded indeed she had been by powerful hands, to have converted her injury into ann exaltation so sublime. The fellow had only had to die for everything that was ugly in him to be washed out in a torrent.
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    The candles might mechanically burn, but each of them had lost its lustre. The church had become a void; it was his presence, her presence, their common presence, that had made the indispensable medium. If anything was wrong everything was wrong - her silence spoiled the tune.
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