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Our Lady of the Flowers
  • 书名: Our Lady of the Flowers
  • 作者: Jean Genet
  • 页数: 318
  • 出版社: Faber and Faber
  • 出版年: 2015-4-11
  • 第111页
    The sight of a little boy in the visitor's room makes me aware of this and makes me think of my childhood, of the ribbons on my mother's white petticoats. In each child I see-- but I see so few -- I try to find the child I was, to love him for what I was. But when I saw the minors during the medical examination, I looked at those two little mugs, and I left feeling deeply moved, for that was not what I had been like, too white a child, like an underbaked loaf of bread; it is for the men they will be that I love them. When they passed before me, rolling their hips and with their shoulders erect, I already saw at their shoulder-blades the hump of the muscles covering the roots of their wings.
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