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The White People and Other Weird Stories
  • 书名: The White People and Other Weird Stories
  • 作者: Arthur Machen
  • 页数: 416
  • 出版社: Penguin Classics
  • 出版年: 2011-9-27
  • 第2287页
    "... There are many, I think, who eat dry crusts and drink water, with a joy infinitely sharper than anything within the experience of the 'practical' epicure." "You are speaking of the saints?" "Yes, and of the sinners, too. I think you are falling into the very general error of confining the spiritual world to the supremely good; but the supremely wicked, necessarily, have their portion in it. The merely carnal, sensual man can no more be a great sinner than he can be a great saint. Most of us are just indifferent, mixed-up creatures; we muddle through the world without realizing the meaning and the inner sense of things, and, consequently, our wickedness and our goodness are alike second-rate, unimportant." "And you think the great sinner, then, will be an ascetic, as well as the great saint?" "Great people of all kinds forsake the imperfect copies and go to the perfect originals. I have no doubt but that many of the very highest among the saints have never done a 'good action' (using the words in their ordinary sense). And, on the other hand, there have been those who have sounded the very depths of sin, who all their lives have never done an 'ill deed'."
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