Servant (1)

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    'Don't you see that in each case he destroys his victims from within? He helps them destroy themselves by serving their particular weakness. In Vera's case it was lust. In her father's case it was ...

Awake in the Dark (1)

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    What does it mean to love the movies? It does not mean to sit mindlessly and blissfully before the screen. It means to believe, first of all, that they are worth the time. That to see three movies ...

总结 (1)

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    P029 我发现了自己的局限,于我而言,唯一的明智之举就是将目标设定在这个局限之内自己所能达到的最优秀境地。 P052 对我来说,我并不认为自己比大多数人更好或更糟,但我知道,如果我把生活中的每个举动和脑海中...

当我谈跑步时我谈些什么 (1)

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    2012年9月6日第一遍读完 P018 如今许多跑步者一面听着iPod一面跑步,而我还是喜欢用惯了的MD。与iPod相比,MD略略显得机身偏大,信息量却远远要少,但对我来说已经足够。现实的我,还不想将音乐和电脑搅和到一起... (2回应)
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