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  • Attached : The New Science of Adult Attachment and How It Can Help YouFind - and Keep - Love

    Amir Levine、Rachel Heller / TarcherPerigee / 2012-1-5 / USD 15.95
    2016-12-09 读过 标签: 3.个人修养

    independence better than dependence is a misconception! dependence is a biological fact. the more EFFECTIVELY dependent people are on one another, the more independent and daring they become. use effective communication (be genuine, express need, be specific, don't blame, be assertive and non-apologetic) and become a secure.

  • Becoming Steve Jobs : The Evolution of a Reckless Upstart into a Visionary Leader

    Brent Schlender、Rick Tetzeli / Crown Business / 2015-3-24 / USD 30.00
    2016-10-04 读过 标签: 思 3.个人修养 人 2.个人体验

    半熟天才的成长故事。新技术先应用于军事、企业,后推广给个人消费者。前者追求时间效率、组织稳定,需要的是标准化和渐进式发展。消费者品牌的核心是用户体验,重资产才能保证体验。创造性工作怎么做?①对困难有合理预期②聚集比自己聪明的人③放下ego,吸收观点。i always felt that he was talking about a topic, not about who was right or who was wrong. for a lot of people their egos are tied up in an idea, and it gets in the way of learning. you have to separate yourself from the idea

  • Bossypants

    Tina Fey / Reagan Arthur Books / 2011-4-5 / USD 28.99
    2015-07-21 读过 标签: 3.个人修养 人 ✚

    improv: 1 always agree and say yes. start with an open mind and see where that takes you 2 not only say yes, but yes and... agree and add something of your own, make contributions 3 make statements. whatever the problem, be part of the solution. dont just sit around, raising questions and pointing out obstacles 4 there're no mistakes, only opportun

  • Bream Gives Me Hiccups : And Other Stories

    Jesse Eisenberg / Bond Street Books / 2015-9-22
    2016-04-23 读过 标签: 3.个人修养

    knowing someone really well is more important than liking them.

  • Bringing Up Bebe : One American Mother Discovers the Wisdom of French Parenting

    Pamela Druckerman / Penguin Press / 2012-2-7 / GBP 20.43
    2018-03-08 读过 标签: 3.个人修养 4.成长

    limits & self control

  • Life of Pi

    Yann Martel / Mariner Books / 2003-5-1 / USD 15.95
    2013-05-03 读过 标签: 3.个人修养

    熬了两个晚上终于读完。不是因为信神可心安才选择信仰,"man cannot knowingly and intentionally 'kid' himself.“ 让人动容的是Pi叙说自己与三个宗教的认识过程,他对宗教对神的理解和无条件的爱。"Bapu Gandhi said, ‘All religions are true.’ I just want to love God." || 到头来人什么都会适应。

  • Man's Search for Meaning

    Viktor E. Frankl / Beacon Press / 2006-6-1 / USD 9.99
    2012-01-06 读过 标签: 思 3.个人修养

    He who has a why to live can bear almost any how. 不断由经历联想回书里的话, nothing but the truth. || Mark Twain: The two most important days of your life are the day you were born, and the day you find out why.

  • Nonviolent Communication : A Language of Life

    Marshall B. Rosenberg / Puddledancer Press / 2003-9-1 / USD 19.95
    2016-12-18 读过 标签: 4.成长 3.个人修养

    喜欢书里大量的例子。观察、感受、需要、请求。think in terms of unmet needs, instead of judgements. 练习区分语言/意识和实际需求,练习用语言准确表达实际需求。

  • The Art of Learning : A Journey in the Pursuit of Excellence

    Josh Waitzkin / Free Press / 2007-05-08 / GBP 16.99
    2016-12-29 读过 标签: 思 3.个人修养 ✚

    自性自度。 适量且有规律的压力训练 healthy routines + serene activity, 建立自己的条件反射,然后循序渐进,通过控制身体与情绪,把意识修炼成直觉。

  • The First Bad Man : A Novel

    Miranda July / Scribner / 2015-9-8 / USD 16.00
    2016-04-17 读过 标签: 诗 3.个人修养 ✚

    "Can you believe people? The tacky kinds of things they do?" 读完有一阵了还在经常回想起miranda的比喻,那些我也有过却未意识到的无数头发丝一样细的思绪。

  • The Five Love Languages : How to Express Heartfelt Commitment to Your Mate

    Gary Chapman / Northfield Publishing / 1995-06-01 / USD 14.99
    2017-08-28 读过 标签: 3.个人修养

    实用。肯定和鼓励, quality time (full attention, listen for feelings), acts of service, gift, physical touch. 1. 学习另一半的语言,用他/她的母语去爱他/她 2. 爱孩子时用全五种语言

  • The Five Love Languages of Children

    Gary D. Chapman、Ross Campbell MD、Ross Campbell / Northfield Publishing / 1997-6-1 / USD 14.99
    2017-10-28 读过 标签: 3.个人修养 4.成长

    To prevent passive aggressive behaviors, let children express anger verbally instead of bottling up. 只规范行为不规范情绪思想。

  • The Most Important Year in a Woman's Life/The Most Important Year in a Man's Life : What Every Bride Needs to Know / What Every Groom Needs to Know

    Wolgemuth, Robert (EDT)/ Wolgemuth, Robert/ Devries, Mark/ Devries, Susan / Zondervan / 2003-4 / $ 22.59
    2017-08-26 读过 标签: 3.个人修养

    Genogram study. Regular slots to build friendship. No secrets. Complaint+request✓ criticism☓. Always choose marriage over parents/in-laws.

  • The Power of Habit : Why We Do What We Do in Life and Business

    Charles Duhigg / Random House / 2012-2-28 / GBP 17.88
    2016-12-30 读过 标签: 思 2.个人体验 4.成长 3.个人修养

    养成好习惯把头脑从过多的分析中解放出来,也免去由此而起的心理问题。 人的需求不变但行为可变。same cue, same reward, new routine. 用好习惯代替坏习惯,来满足同样的需求。(非暴力运动用爱的习惯代替恨。)记录行为有助促成好习惯,掌控感使人更有意志力。意志力一旦在某方面得到加强(如运动和理财),会延伸到方方面面。对很多人来说,运动是引发广泛变化的keystone habit. 组织文化也由keystone habit发展而来。 习惯是正反馈循环,习惯就是造势。有信仰支撑的习惯更坚定,信仰来自人与人之间的互相信任。

  • The Razor's Edge

    W. Somerset Maugham / Vintage Books USA / 2003 / GBP 12.20
    2015-10-04 读过 标签: 3.个人修养

    人生的救赎一是爱和工作,一是知识与智慧。三观挺正。但人人都是话痨完全吃不消……what is individuality but the expression of our egoism?

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