The Glamour of Grammar (2)

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    奥威尔的敏锐观察,见《英语与政治》一文。 The report has been studied, and it must now be admitted that mistakes were made. 被动语态的特殊运用,导致的美文效果: He was carried across an ocean, insta...
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    主词与动词 右向分支句与左向分支句 右向分支句,多个修饰词的有效延伸: A tornado ripped through St. Petersburg Thursday, tearing roofs off houses, shattering windows in downtown skyscrapers, snapping...

复杂性思考 (1)

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Think Complexity (4)

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    可以看做复杂性入门研究参考。 ##p2 ##p5 ##p14 ##p15 http://en.w...
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    Aristotelian logic -> many-valued logic Frequentist probability -> Bayesinaism Objective -> subjective Physical law -> theory -> model

复杂适应系统 (1)

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    佛家八正道作为复杂系统建模的模型 也可以理解为,一个简单的模型,可以拿来理解任何复杂系统 正见:Views,信息与联系。西蒙的有限理性 正思维:Inte... (3回应)

Evaluating Research Methods in Psychology (1)

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    1. The mentality of apes 27 2. Are older people less likely to misplace things? 29 3. Do women have better memories than men? 30 4. Are people in the United Kingdom smarter than they were five year...
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