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Beginning Groovy, Grails and Griffon
  • 书名: Beginning Groovy, Grails and Griffon
  • 作者: Judd, Christopher M.; Shingler, Jim; Layka, Vishal
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    Compile-time Metaprogramming 这一节讲了Groovy2.0出现的一些新注解,比较有意思。 Groovy在代码中加入静态编译相关的注解业界还存在争议吧。

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    One important thing to keep in mind when using static scaffolding: because all the controller code and views code are generated for the domain class, Grails will not update this code if the domain class is changed, and will relinquish this responsibility to the developer.
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    > grails createdomain-class todo


    > grails create-domain-class todo
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    this, owner, and delegate The this refers to the instance of the enclosing class where a closure is defined. If the closure is defined within the scope of a script, the enclosing class is the script class. The owner is the enclosing object of the closure. The owner is similar to this except in the case of nested closures where the enclosing object is the outer closure. The delegate is by default the same as owner, but changeable;
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