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JUnit in Action, Second Edition
  • 书名: JUnit in Action, Second Edition
  • 作者: Petar Tahchiev/Felipe Leme/Vincent Massol/Gary Gregory
  • 页数: 375
  • 出版社: Manning Publications
  • 出版年: 2010-07-23
  • about this book

    Roadmap Chapter1 introduction. Chapter2 architecture & features of JUnit. Chapter3 build a sample real-life application. Chapter4 looking at several important aspects. Chapter5 discussing the quality od tests. Chapter6 a servlet container which is Jetty. Chapter7 EasyMock & JMock. Chapter8 in-container testing(for Chapter 14, 15 and 16) Chapter9 integrating JUnit with other framework. Chapter10 integrating JUnit with Maven. Chapter11 continuous integration(CI). Chapter12 JUnit extensions(HtmlUnit & Selenium). Chapter13 JUnit extensions(Ajax & GWT). Chapter14 continue Chapter8(the Apache Cactus project). Chapter15 continue Chapter8(testing JSF). Chapter16 continue Chapter8(testing OSGI). Chapter17 continue Chapter8(database testing). Chapter18 continue Chapter8(JPA testing). Chapter19 Summary & Spring testing

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  • about the authors

    Petar Tahchiev: chapter 1-11 & 14-16 & appendix A-D. Felipe Leme: chapter 17-19. Vincent Massol: Gary Gregory: chapter 12-13 & appendix E

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