Let's Explore Diabetes with Owls (2)

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    http://www.newyorker.com/reporting/2011/07/11/110711fa_fact_sedaris The whole story was brilliant. I cannot even pick my favorite section out of it.
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    Starts from "The people I hung out with in my early twenties..." to "for how could someone on the bottom rung of the ladder not be outraged by the unfairness of it all?"

中国学术思想史随笔 (1)

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    Imperial Examination was a civil service examination system. 科举 朱熹是Neo-Confucian neo-confucianism是宋明理学。 德川家康的江户时期(Edo)受理学影响很大。首先由禅僧藤原惺窝修习,并且用日语注解四..

红楼梦诗词曲赋鉴赏 (1)

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    我觉得袭人的诗解释的不准确诶。。 秦乱(袭人家贫)-> 找到桃源(贾府)所以一年春。->随水流 (贾府抄家)->渔郎问津(蒋玉菡)

Web Development with Clojure (15) 更多

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    There should not be [picture-gallery.util :refer [galleries gallery-path]] in the report section yet. Since the helper namespace hasn't been extracted yet.
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    it's also okay to have a login page rather than having the form on the home page. (with-query-results (doall result)) would return a map with all the tuples in the table. To iterate the map: ...
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    Using clj-pdf. pdf marco is used to generate pdf file. template marco is used to format the file. /代码内容已省略/ More advanced usage. https://github.com/...
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    /代码内容已省略/ It's worthwhile to put (generate-string @users) to be a function. Because it would be evaluated before decision graph. Thus, wrap it as a functio...
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    it provides a neat and clean way to decouple front-end and backend. Cheshire is a fast and easy-to-use json parsing lib.
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    be careful over the difference between "insert-record, insert-records, insert-value and insert-values" in clojure.java.jdbc
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    We salt passwords to prevent rainbow-table attacks.22 A rainbow table is effectively a dictionary containing precalculated hashes along with many common passwords used to generate them. Such a table i...
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    http://clojure.org/cheatsheet & sign : optional e.g (defn common [& content]) -> here, content is an optional parameter.
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    Since our app-routes contains (route/not-found "Not Found"), we should put it last, or the not-found route will prevent any routes defined after it from resolving. Here is an informative ...
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    I guess this is the most important part of learning a new framework for web development. It's like the way to make most of it. I talked to Nathan yesterday about learning clojure. His impression is th...
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    Clojure deconstructing. example: /代码内容已省略/
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    compojure is surely amazing to people who love being well-organized. Although :resource in rails by default gives out seven operations. /代码内容已省略/ The ...
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    compojure gives ability to create routes in clojure easily. apart from the standard verbs, there is also a route called ANY to match any method the client supplies. like rails/sinatra, routes ca...
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    In Ring. The request map is really standard to RFC. What we got here? :server-port, :server-name, :remote-addr, :query-string, :scheme(http or https), :request-method(:get, :post, :put, :delete)...
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    Since the Clojure web stack is built on top of the Java HTTP Servlet application programming interface (API),1 applications can be deployed on any servlet container, such as Jetty, GlassFish, or Tomca...

Beginning iOS 6 Development (2)

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    Most modern application development environments have some tool that lets you build your user interface graphically. One distinction between Interface Builder and many of these other tools is that Int...
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    Xcode 5 has replaces .xib with storyboard file. To open interface builder, just click on .storyborad and click on "Show Document Outline" on the bottom.
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