• 书名: 历史决定论的贫困
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    Thus in the social sciences we should expect methodological naturalists to favour nominalism, and anti-naturalists to favour essentialism. Yet in fact essentialism seems to have the upper hand here; and it is not even faced by any very energetic opposition. It has therefore been suggested that while the methods of the natural sciences are fundamentally nominalistic, social science must adopt a methodological essentialism.2 It is argued that the task of social science is to understand and explain such sociological entities as the state, economic action, the social group, etc., and that this can be done only by penetrating into their essences. Every important sociological entity presupposes universal terms for its description and it would be pointless freely to introduce new terms, as has been done so successfully in the natural sciences. The task of social science is to describe such entities clearly and properly
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