Writing the Image After Roland Barthes (1)

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    精简,粗译。 145页。所有的写作都是在虚构。作家用“探索、历险”等表达对写作的欲望,写作实质上充当着色情机器的角色。写作把欲望搬上舞台。 135页。当你渴求情人的肉体时,你同时也是作为孩子在渴求母亲,(...

Starburst (1)

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    The artist flummoxed critics with the first New York show of this work-three sculptures and approximately seventy photographs-at Zabriskie Gallery in 1976--"The sense of artlessness is very stro... (3回应)

Image Makers, Image Takers (1)

  • Boris Mikhailov
    Boris Mikhailov:"It's very difficult to find themes these days. You have to look around and ask yourself: what is my life about? It's difficult to find a new kind of life, but when you do, it wil...