• No man is an island, entire of itself; every man is a piece of the continent, a part of the main; if a clod be washed away by the sea, Europe is the less, as well as if a promontory were, as well as if a manor of thy friend’s or of thine own were: any man's death diminishes me, because I am involved in mankind, and therefore, never send to know for whom the bell tolls; it tolls for thee 谁都不是一座岛屿,自成一体/ 每个人都是一个碎片,那广袤大陆的一部分/ 如果海浪冲掉一块土地,家园就小了一点/ 如果一座海岬,如果你朋友或你自己的庄园被冲掉/ 也是如此/ 任何人的死亡都使我受到损失/ 因为我包孕在人类之中/ 所以不必打听丧钟为谁鸣/ 丧钟为你鸣 (查看原文)
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  • Robert Jordan pushed the cup toward him. It was a milky yellow now with the water and he hoped the gypsy would not take more than a swallow. There was very little of it left and one cup of it took the place of the evening papers, of all the old evenings in cafe, of all chestnut trees that would be in bloom now in this month, of the great slow horses of the outer boulevards, of book shops, of kiosques, and of galleries, of the Parc Montsouris, of the Stade Buffalo, and of the Butte Chaumont, of the Guaranty Trust Company and the Ile de la Cite, of Foyot's old hotel, and of being able to read and relax in the evening; of all the things he had enjoyed and forgotten and that came back to him when he tasted that opaque, bitter, tongue-numbing, brain-warming, stomach-warming, idea-changing liqu... (查看原文)
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  • How many times had he heard this? How many times had he watched people say it with difficulty? How many times had he seen their eyes fill and their throats harden with the difficulty of saying my father, or my brother, or my mother, or my sister? He could not remember how many times he had heard them mention their dead in this way. Nearly always they spoke as this boy did now; suddenly and apropos of the mention of the town and always you said, "What barbarians." You only heard the statement of the loss. You did not see the father fall as Pilar made him see the fascists die in that story she had told by the stream. You knew the father died in some courtyard, or against some wall, or in some field or orchard, or at night, in the lights of a truck, beside some road. You had seen the lights... (查看原文)
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  • 1They were walking through the heather of the mountain meadow and Robert Jordan felt the brushing of the heather against his legs, felt the weight of his pistol in its holster against his thigh, felt the sun on his head, felt the breeze from the snow of the mountain peaks cool on his back and, in his hand, he felt the girl's hand firm and strong, the fingers locked in his. From it, from the palm of her hand against the palm of his, from their fingers locked together, and from her wrist across his wrist something came from her hand, her fingers and her wrist to his that was as fresh as the first light air that moving toward you over the sea barely wrinkles the glassy surface of a calm, as light as a feather moved across one's lip, or a leaf falling when there is no breeze; so light that it ... (查看原文)
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  • Now that his rage was gone he was excited by this storm as he was always by all storms. In a blizzard, a gale, a sudden line squall, a tropical storm, or a summer thunder shower in the mountains there was an excitement that came to him from no other thing. It was like the excitement of battle except that it was clean. There is a wind that blows through battle but that was a hot wind; hot and dry as your mouth; and it blew heavily; hot and dirtily; and it rose and died away with the fortunes of the day. He knew that wind well. But a snowstorm was the opposite of all of that. In the snowstorm you came close to wild animals and they were not afraid. They travelled across country not knowing where they were and the deer stood sometimes in the lee of the cabin. In a snowstorm you rode up to a... (查看原文)
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  • The night was clear and his head felt as clear and cold as the air. He smelled the odor of the pine boughs under him, the piney smell of the crushed needles and the sharper odor of the resinous sap from the cut limbs. Pilar, he thought. Pilar and the smell of death. This is the smell I love. This and fresh-cut clover, the crushed sage as you ride after cattle, wood-smoke and the burning leaves of autumn. That must be the odor of nostalgia, the smell of the smoke from the piles of raked leaves burning in the streets in the fall in Missoula. Which would you rather smell? Sweet grass the Indians used in their baskets? Smoked leather? The odor of the ground in the spring after rain? The smell of the sea as you walk through the gorse on a headland in Galicia? Or the wind from the land as you c... (查看原文)
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  • Don't ever kid yourself about loving some one.It is just that most people are not lucky enough ever to have it. You never had it before and now you have it. What you have with Maria, whether it lasts just through today and a part of tomorrow, or whether it lasts for a long life is the most important thing that can happen to a human being. There will always be people who say it does not exist because they cannot have it. But I tell you it is true and that you have it and that you are lucky even if you die tomorrow.爱情决非儿戏。问翅仅仅在于大多数人命运欠佳,得不到爱慊。你已往从没得到过爱情,现在得到了。你从玛丽亚那里得到的爱情,不管它只能持缕今天一天和明天的部分时间,或者能持续长久的一辈子,毕竟是人生所能遇到的最重大的事情。常有人说,爱情是不存在的,原因是他们得不到它。可是我对你说,爱情真是有的,你得到了它,哪怕你明天就死去,也是幸运的。 (查看原文)
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  • Then they were together so that as the hand on the watch moved, unseen now, they knew that nothing could ever happen to the one that did not happen to the othei that no other thing could happen more than this; that this was all and always; this was what had been and now and whatever was to come. This, that they were not to have, they were having. They were having now and before and always and now and now and now. Oh, now, now, now, the only now, and above all now, and there is no other now but thou now and now is thy prophet. Now and forever now. Come now, now, for there is no now but now. Yes, now. Now, please now, only now, not anything else only this now, and where are you and where am I and where is the other one, and not why, not ever why, only this now; and on and always please then... (查看原文)
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  • This was the greatest gift that he had, the talent that fitted him for war; that ability not to ignore but to despise whatever bad ending there could be. This quality was destroyed by too much responsibility for others or the necessity of undertaking something ill planned or badly conceived. For in such things the bad ending, failure, could not be ignored. It was not simply a possibility of harm to one's self, which _could_ be ignored. He knew he himself was nothing, and he knew death was nothing. He knew that truly, as truly as he knew anything. In the last few days he had learned that he himself, with another person, could be everything. But inside himself he knew that this was the exception. That we have had, he thought. In that I have been most fortunate. That was given to me, perhaps,... (查看原文)
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  • 由于她的掌心贴在他的掌心上,由于手指扣在一起,由于她的手腕和他的手腕交在一起,有一种奇异的感觉从她的手、手指和手腕传到了他的手、手指和手腕上,这种感觉就象海上飘来的第一阵徽微吹皱那平静如镜的海面的轻风那么清新,又象羽毛擦过唇边,或者风息全无时飙下一片落叶那么轻柔,只能由他们俩手指的接触才能感觉到,然而这种感觉又由于他们俩相扣的手指、紧贴在一起的掌心和手旌而变得那么强烈,那么紧张,那么迫切,那么痛楚,那么有力,仿佛有一股电流贯串了他那条手臂,使他全身充满了若有所求的剧烈欲望。 (查看原文)
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  • “我们去海滩,躺在海水里,人们用牛把一条条张着帆的船从海里拉上来。那些牛被赶下水,最后只得游水;然后把牛拴在船上,等它们站住了脚,就摇摇晃晃地走上沙滩。早晨一阵阵细浪拍打着海滩,十对同轭的牛把一条张帆的船拖出大海。那就是巴伦西亚。” “你除了看牛,还干些什么?” “我们在沙滩上的凉亭里吃。有馅儿饼,做馅儿的是熟鱼片、红椒、青椒和米粒那么小的小榛子。饼皮很好吃,一层层的,鱼肉肥得不能说。海里捞起来的新鲜对虾洒上酸橙汁。虾肉是粉红色的,味儿真美,一只要咬四口才吃得光。这玩意儿我们吃得不少。我们还吃什锦饭,配鲜海味:带壳给蜊、淡莱、小龙虾和小鳗鱼。我们还吃到甚至更小的淸炸鳗鱼,小得像豆芽,弯弯曲曲盘成一团,嫩得不用嚼,入口就化。老是喝一种白葡萄酒,冰凉,清淡,真棒,三毛钱一瓶。最后吃甜瓜。那里盛产甜瓜。” “卡斯蒂尔的甜瓜更好,”费尔南多说。 “什么话。”巴勃罗的老婆说。“卡斯蒂尔的甜瓜是用来自渎的。巴伦西亚的甜瓜才是可吃的。回想起来,那些瓜有人的胳臂那么长,绿得象海水,一刀切下,绷脆绷脆,汁水又多,比夏天的清早更甜美。唉,想起盆子里盘成堆的那些小到极点的鳗鱼呀,小不点儿,可口的很。还有整个下午喝的大杯啤酒,冰凉的啤酒斟在水罐那么大的杯子里凉凉的,杯子外面都凝着水珠。” “那么你不吃不喝的时候干什么呢?” “我们在屋里做爱,阳台上挂着细木条帘子,微风从弹簧门顶上的气窗里吹进来。我们在里面做爱,放下了帘子,屋里白天也暗暗的,街上飘来花市上的香味和爆竹的火药味。过节期间每天中午都放,拴在沿街的绳子上,贯穿全城。一个个用药线连起来,顺着电线杆和电车线一跳一蹦地炸响,劈劈啪啪,声音大得简直没法想象。 “我们做爱,然后再要一大杯啤酒,凉得玻璃外面都凝结着水珠,女招待把啤酒端来时,我在门口接,我把冰凉的玻璃杯贴在菲尼托背上... (查看原文)
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  • It was three o'clock in the afternoon before the planes came. The snow has all been gone by noon and the rocks were hot now in the sun. There were no clouds in the sky and Robert Jordan sat in the rocks with his shirt off browning his back in the sun and reading the letters that had been in the pockets of the dead cavalryman. From time to time he would stop reading to look across the open slope to the line of the timber, look over the high country above and then return to the letters. No more cavalry had appeared. At intervals there would be the sound of a shot from the direction of El Sordo's camp. But the firing was desultory. From examing his military papers he knew the boy was from Tafalla in Navarra, twenty-two years old, unmarried, and the son of a blacksmith. His regiment was t... (查看原文)
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  • 他的自我说:不,你没权忘掉任何事物。对这中间的任何事物你都无权闭眼不看、抛到脑后、加以冲淡或者篡改。 (查看原文)
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  • 死没什么了不起,他心中没有死的图景,也没有对死的惧怕。但是活在这世上,就像山坡上一片麦浪在风中荡漾。活在世上,就像一只苍鹰在空中飞翔。活在世上,就像打麦时麦粒和禾末屑飞扬中喝一陶罐水。活在世上,就像两腿夹着一匹马,一条腿下夹着一支卡宾枪,经过一个山岗,一个河谷,一条两岸长着树木的小溪,奔向河谷的另一头以及远方的山岗。 想得起的只是,在我们临死的时刻。阿门。在我们临死的时刻。阿门。在这时刻。在这时刻。阿门。其他人都在射击。现在,在我们临死的时刻。阿门 (查看原文)
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  • 假如根本没有那种所谓的悠长岁月,那么现在就值得赞美。 “现在”,西班牙语叫ahora,法语叫maintenant,德语叫heute。“现在”这个词很好笑,却等于全世界,和你的一生。“今晚”,西班牙语叫esta noche,法语叫ce soir,德语叫heute abend。就“死亡”来说,法语叫mort,西班牙语叫muerto,德语叫todt。德语的死亡听起来最可怕。“战争”,法语叫guerre,西班牙语叫guerra,德语叫krieg。德语的战争听起来火药味最浓,是不是?要么因为他的德语最差劲才这么想吗?“宝贝儿”,法语叫cherie,西班牙语叫prenda,德语叫schatz。他希望把这些词都换成玛丽亚。这个名字才美。 (查看原文)
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  • “说真的,我的志向向来非常纯正。我干了很多工作,现在爱上了你,并且,”他这时说这话,把一切不会发生的事都信以为真了,“我爱你,就像我爱我们为之奋斗的一切。我爱你,就像我爱自由、尊严和所有的人都有工作而不致挨饿的权力。我爱你,就像我爱我们所保卫的马德里,就像我爱所有那些已经牺牲的同志。很多同志牺牲啦。很多。很多。你没法想象有多少。但是我爱你,就像我爱世界上我最爱的东西,而我爱你超过了这一切。我是多么的爱你啊,兔子。我无法用语言来向你表达。但我现在说的话,仅仅告诉了你一点儿。我从没娶过妻子,现在有你做我的妻子,我很幸福。” (查看原文)
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  • 这时酒掺了水成为乳黄色,他希望吉普赛人至多喝一口。剩下的只有很少一点儿了,而这样一杯东西,可以代替晚报,代替往日在咖啡馆里的所有夜晚,代替每年会在这一月开花的所有栗树,代替郊外林阴路上的策马缓行,代替书店,代替报亭,代替美术陈列馆,代替蒙特苏里公园,代替布法罗运动场,代替夏蒙高地,代替保险信托公司和巴黎旧城岛,代替古老的福约特旅馆,还可以代替傍晚读书休憩;代替他享受过而已遗忘的一切。当他品尝这乳浊、苦涩、使舌头麻木、使头脑发热、使肚子暖和、使思想起变化的神奇液体时,所有这一切都重现在他眼前了。 (查看原文)
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  • 还有一点:爱情决非儿戏。问题仅仅在于大多数人命运欠佳,得不到爱情 (查看原文)
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  • “怎么可能,”罗伯特.乔丹说。“那是德国最好的轻型轰炸机。人家不是派这种飞机来对付吉卜赛人的。” (查看原文)
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  • “如果我喝腻了咖啡,没必要让人开枪打死我,我既不受伤,也不生病,戒了烟,只有一双袜子,自己晾睡袋。如果这样,那怎么办,兔子?”他拍拍她的背。“那又怎么办?” (查看原文)
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