Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself的书评 (2)

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亚马逊上的评分居然高达4.7分,难道是我不懂科学??? 先看目录的内容,科学本质,大脑和冥想,成就新的自己。嗯,可以,这些和比较前沿的神经科学沾边。估计看完会收获很多。 第一章就开始讲量子力学的不确定性:在某一时刻观察者观测手段影响量子状态。然后你说人也是啊,,...  (展开)
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Your thoughts shape your reality

量子物理很哲学,量子物理很玄学。 作者的玄学观点:every dream you have, is one of your realities in the quantum realm. There are many ways to reach that reality, by hard work and efforts to achieve that in this real world, or, to think/imagine hard, so you b...  (展开)

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