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  • Chr23


    For example, the thinking of many financial analysts illustrates this fallacy. They routinely concoct elaborate explanations for every little fluctuation in stock market prices. But, in fact, much of this variability is simply random fluctuation. Hahaha f*cking love this line.

    2016-06-27 01:58

  • Chr23


    However, very similar probabilistic statements about behavioral trends cause widespread disbelief and are often dismissed by many people with the first appearance of a single "man-who." Most psychology instructors have witnessed a very common reaction when they discuss the evidence on certain behavioral relationships. For example, the instructor might present the fact that children's sch...

    2016-06-26 12:26

  • Chr23


    "Science is a way of thinking about and observing the universe that leads to a deep understanding of its workings."

    2016-06-22 04:55

  • Chung-Wan

    Chung-Wan (Ashes of Time)

    One reason that scientists are suspicious of claims that some person, theory, or belief system provides absolute knowledge about ultimate questions is that scientists consider questions about “ultimates� to be unanswerable. Scientists do not claim to produce perfect knowledge; the unique strength of science is not that it is an error-free process, but that it provides a way of eliminating t...

    2015-09-06 19:10

  • violet&blue

    violet&blue (be sharp)

    Until the public learns to treat these numerical abstractions of reality as seriously as images, public opinion will be as fickle as the latest image to flicker across the screen.   (2回应)

    2014-03-31 12:59



How to Think Straight About Psychology

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