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VOX XASTRIS 2008-10-15 11:57:39


Neil Gaiman 与 Dave McKean 的简直是天才的组合,书中的风格简直了! 本书所描述的 类童话 剧情是目前此类作品中最优秀之一,dave的艺术表现力一直在欧漫界被誉为大师境界,同样,由他俩黄金组合的电影 镜面具(mirrowmask)也成为 类童话 故事的经典。推荐喜欢这部漫画的豆...  (展开)
小刺猬瞅电影 2014-09-10 19:35:30

Who is the Queen of Melanesia

She's incredibly important, and is one of those queens who wanders around helping people with the gardening and popping in for short visits and doing the washing up. There really aren't enough of them around, so most people have to do the gardening themselves.  (展开)

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