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  • quicksand

    quicksand (容颜易老,岁月流沙)

    They will not start work on a city nor on an individual (nor will they draw up laws) unless they are given a clean canvas, or have cleaned it themselves.

    2017-01-23 23:43

  • 字母党

    字母党 (诗酒趁年华)

    And being a typical historicist, he accepts the judgement of history as a moral one9; for he holds that the outcome of war is always just10: ‘War is the father and the king of all things. It proves some to be gods and others to be mere men, turning these into slaves and the former into masters ... One must know that war is universal, and that justice—the lawsuit—is strife, and that all things d...

    2012-12-12 05:40

  • 字母党

    字母党 (诗酒趁年华)

    It often seems as if they were trying to comfort themselves for the loss of a stable world by clinging to the view that change is ruled by an unchanging law.

    2012-12-11 02:37

  • 字母党

    字母党 (诗酒趁年华)

    This emphasis on change, and especially on change in social life, is an important characteristic not only of Heraclitus’ philosophy but of historicism in general.

    2012-12-11 02:36

  • 字母党

    字母党 (诗酒趁年华)

    What it owes to scientific method is largely the awareness of its limitations: it does not offer proofs where nothing can be proved, nor does it pretend to be scientific where it cannot give more than a personal point of view.

    2012-12-07 23:32



The Open Society and its Enemies, Volume I

>The Open Society and its Enemies, Volume I