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    Then along came e-mail can all the formalities went away. E-mail has no etiquette. It does not require stationery, or neatness, or proper spelling, or preliminary chitchat. No amenities....Never have so many people written so profusely and with so few inhibitions. Which means that is was not a cognitive problem after all. It was a cultural problem, rooted in that old bugaboo of American education:...   (5回应)

    2011-08-16 19:49   2人喜欢

  • poringking

    poringking (你玩过RO吗)

    Professional writers rewrite their sentences over and over and then rewrite what they have rewritten. The professional writer must establish a daily schedule and stick to it.

    2011-02-08 20:43

  • Novacek

    Novacek (...)

    Telling a writer to relax is like telling a man to relax while being examined for a hernia, and as for confidence, see how stiffly he sits, glaring at the screen that awaits his words. See how often he gets up to look for something to eat or drink. A writer will do anything to avoid the act of writing...

    2016-05-29 10:01

  • Novacek

    Novacek (...)

    ...Our national tendency is to inflate and thereby sound important. The airline pilot who announces that he is presently anticipating experiencing considerable precipitation wouldn't think of saying it may rain. The sentence is too simple--there must be something wrong with it...

    2016-05-25 10:22

  • yyq


    For there isn't any "right" way to do such personal work. There are all kinds of writers and all kinds of methods, and any method that helps you to say what you want to say is the right method for you. Some people write by day, others by night. Some people need silence, others turn on the radio. Some write by hand, some by word processor, some by talking into a tape recorder. Some people...

    2013-07-25 21:35

  • yyq


    As the day went on, they slowly relaxed. They began to write in the first person and to use active verbs. For a while they still couldn't loose their grip on long words and vague nouns. But gradually their sentences became human.

    2013-07-19 13:19

  • yyq


    Keep informed about what is planned for our children this year and let us know about your own questions and about any special needs for your child may have. I have met many of you in the first few weeks. Please continue to stop in to introduce yourself or to talk about Foster, I look forward to very productive year for all of us.

    2013-07-16 10:31

  • lluo

    lluo (进化论)

    The man or woman snoozing in a chair with a magazine or a book is a person who was being given too much unnecessary trouble by the writer.

    2013-06-23 09:45

  • Annieangel

    Annieangel (最终我们都毫无长进地变老了)

    Writing is hard work. A clear sentence is no accident. Very few sentences come out right the first time, or eve the third time. Remember this in moments of despair. If you find that writing is hard, ti’s because it is hard. /*Style*/ Writing is an act of ego, and you might as well admit it. Use its energy to keep yourself going. /*Words*/ E. B. White makes the case cogently in The Elemen...

    2013-06-17 04:39

  • 小强从周

    小强从周 (枪打知梗鸟)

    Take a class of writing students in a liberal arts college and assign them to wirte about some aspect of science ,and a pitiful moan will go around the room.‘ No!Not science!’ The moan says. The students have a common affliction:fear of science. They were told at an early age by a chemistry or a physics teach that they don't have a head for science. Take an adult chemist or physicist or engi...

    2013-01-10 10:34

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On Writing Well, 25th Anniversary

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